Arousal, not attraction…

Arousal, not attraction.

Arousal, not attraction.

One more time:

Arousal, not attraction.

I think you need to read or see something 21 times before it becomes a habit or commitied to memory, but I’m just not going to type it 21 times.

You get the idea.

A lot of guys get fooled into thinking attraction will get the laid.

A lot of guys get “attraction” and still go home alone.

Just ask them.

A guy will say, “I got her number we vibed, I got attraction.”

A woman might say, “Oh he’s really attractive.”

That’s great and all, but the truth is, attraction by itself won’t get you in her pants.

Forget attraction.

AROUSAL is what gets you laid.

When we go out approaching women, the objective isn’t to just get the number or even get her attracted; it’s to get her aroused.

You know…

…Her eye’s get dilated, her breathing deepens, her skin gets pink and flushed, and she starts playing with her face and her hair.

She’s flat out moist and ready to fuck.

That’s when she starts pulling on your belt and wants to bounce to someplace more private.

Girls turn into hot heavy nymphos when they’re aroused, not when they’re attracted.

There’s a powerful program I use that specifically works to trigger this arousal in women.

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It’s like a secret weapon.

It doesn’t matter if she’s rejected you before, or if you think she’s out of your league, when you trigger arousal she’ll come on to you.

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