Being a Good-Lover

Being a Good-Lover


Being a Good-Lover is not about experience, it is about knowledge and beliefs.

You are getting the correct knowledge by studying the good materials, and you are replacing your self-limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs.

It is an ongoing endeavor. You will always be improving.

Don’t think that it will ever end, or that you will “get there.” Accept the fact that you, and I, and all men who want to be fulfilled, are always going to be working on these things.

Now let’s talk about knowing what is appropriate in conveying to a woman that you are interested in her sexually while still being a respectful gentleman.

I am a respectful gentleman. That is always utmost. That is never going to change.

And besides, I feel good about myself in that.

But you can still be a respectful gentleman and still convey your sexual interest.

There are some things to keep in mind:

1)    Women are proper ladies but are also very sexual creatures that love to get slutty.

2)    Women like to know that they are attractive and desired if they are treated with respect, appreciated as a person, and not objectified.

And finally, sex is natural. We were all born sexual creatures. And it’s OK.

So, keep on treating women with respect, but start mixing in a little bit of an indication that YOU know that SHE is a highly sexual creature that enjoys being desired (in a respectful, sensual way, not in a horndog insulting way) by expressing your admiration of how she is attractive, sensual, or similar desirable feminine trait.

So long as you do it in a fun way and in the context of respect, women appreciate a man who can escalate things, and they figure that if you know the rules, you probably know how to please women.

They love that.  They find that VERY interesting.

PS – Do you have any concept what a rare thing it is for a woman to find a “good guy” who can turn her on?

Many women claim it’s impossible.

You can be that guy.

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