Instead … focus on HAVING it

Catching monkeys


I got this interesting question the other day from one of my subscribers….

In some Asian countries there is a very effective trap for catching monkeys.

A slot is made in the bottom of a coconut, just big enough for the monkey to slide its hand in, but not big enough for the hand to be withdrawn when it’s clenched.

Then, they put something sweet inside the coconut, attach it to a tree, and wait for a monkey to come along.

When the monkey slides it’s hand inside and grabs the food, it’s hand get’s caught.

What keeps the monkey trapped?

It is only the force of desire and attachment.

All the monkey has to do is let go of the sweet, open it’s hand, slip out, and go free..

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But RARELY will a monkey will do that.

Pretty interesting, right?

Which begs the question…

What is the secret to having all the things you want?

Give up wanting them, of course. 🙂

Okay… okay…

Now you are probably thinking,

“Brent, to have something, don’t I have to want it in the first place?”

Let me explain…

You want to make the statement about what it is you want, take some small steps in that direction and then…

Forget about it!


Just let it go.

Here’s the thing…

Once you have what it is that you want, you’ll really be no happier than you are at this very moment…

So it’s not as big a deal as you are making it.

You have to give up all attachment to having what you want.

Check this out…

I’m out with a client recently…

He’s tall, good looking, dressed well, has a great personality and is financially successful.

He says,

“Brent, what’s the secret to getting this last part of my life handled?”

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And I replied,

“Give up wanting to get this last part of your life handled”

In other words want it, give it up, relax and just HAVE it.

Imagine yourself already having it.

You don’t want anything because in your mind, you already have it.

The rest of our evening was fantastic.

He had chicks all over him and spent the next few days with a beautiful, smart chick we met at dinner that night.

Much like the monkey, you have to let go of the sweet.

Leave the wanting.

And start visualizing ALREADY having it.

So, think the thought, “I want __________.”

Agree that you don’t need it.

(your life and happiness don’t depend on you having it)

Then, immediately release the thought and focus on having it.

Don’t focus on it completing you or making you the happiest person in the world or it solving all your problems.

Instead focus on HAVING it,

And it being no big deal…

…just like all the other stuff you already have and think is no big deal.

You have everything inside of you right now to be happy and fulfilled.

When you finally understand this,

You will have everything you want… effortlessly.


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