She has two sides

You already know that you need to be a responsible man.

You must extend that into the bedroom. When you go into the bedroom, you must take responsibility.

You must take responsibility for her, for her sexuality, for her orgasms and for her releasing her ruthless sexual inner animal.

Maybe you have the vision that women are innocent creatures who only want to “make love.”

In actuality, women want to be ravished. They need it to feel attractive. They need it to celebrate their sexually submissive nature. They need it because they are highly sexual creatures.

Women want to get ruthlessly sexual but they cannot initiate it, and they cannot take responsibility for it.

To do so would violate the fact that she is sexually submissive and it would violate the fact that she is not “dirty.”

In her mind, only “dirty” women initiate ruthless sexuality.

You see, your woman wants to get ruthlessly expressive, but she can ONLY do that when YOU initiate it. When you LEAD.

Everything that happens is because of what you say and do. It can all be blamed on you. You want to take the blame for it.

This is why I say you must take responsibility.

She actually wants you to tell her what to do.

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You need to think about your woman as having two sides. One side is her proper innocent, pure side. That is who she is outside the bedroom. She can handle that, and frankly, she doesn’t want to be told how to do that.

The other side is her wanton sexual animalistic side. That is who she wants to be in the bedroom, but she needs you to take responsibility for it. She actually wants you to tell her what to do.

First of all, she is sexually submissive. Secondly, if it is in any way her responsibility, it would violate the fact that she sees herself as being proper and innocent.

You may be asking, “How can she be ruthlessly sexual even though she is innocent? Isn’t that a contradiction?” She can do it ONLY IF nobody else knows about it except her and you. If it is just a little secret between the two of you, it is fine.

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Nobody in her innocent life may ever find out about it. That would be very embarrassing and shameful for her.

She can be ruthlessly sexual, even though you may think it violates being innocent because it is consistent with her being sexually submissive and needing to be ruthlessly sexual.

She can justify it to herself by saying, “He made me do it.” Of course, she loves that you made her do it.

And when you lead like a man, your woman is going to let you know just how much she loves all the wicked, exciting things you “made” her do.

Are you starting to understand why your woman wants you to have two sides?

She wants you to be the good guy in the living room, but the bad boy in the bedroom. She has two sides, and she wants you to be the masculine complement to her two sides.

In fact, you have to be the compliment to her two sides so that she can fully experience her two sides.

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