Success begins by selecting wisely

All of your success begins by selecting wisely.


I was married once. My wife was hot. We had good sex every night and always had simultaneous orgasms in intercourse.

In 1992, after eight years of marriage, she left me for a Bad Boy.

I was devastated. Feeling defeated and alone, I tried to figure out what I did wrong. What could I have done wrong? I treated her like a queen. We had good sex. I provided very well for her and our family.

I handled a lot of the responsibilities with the children, I did a lot around the house, I was very responsible. I was the ideal husband and father. What did I do wrong? Why would she leave me?
To try to deal with my situation, I read divorce recovery books. That got me very interested in understanding more about relationships. I read relationship books, many of them. That got me interested in female psychology. I read many books on that.

The psychology and physiology of sex have always been an interest of mine. I thought there was a lot more possible than what my wife and I had done. She was not very adventurous. Since I had already done the marriage and children thing and had no desire to do that again, I devoted myself to learning as much as I could and applying it with the women I hoped to be soon dating.

I read every book in the bookstore, studied courses from other sources, listened to recorded seminars, and watched educational videos.

Being single again, I was back into the dating scene. On the weekends I would get a babysitter to watch the children. I would go to the nightclubs with a buddy of mine from work, and we’d try to pick up women.

One night while we were scoping out the ladies, he said to me, “David, it is said that a woman who had a close relationship with her father is a woman who is better in bed.” I thought, “What the hell does that have to do with anything?” I discounted it and forgot about it.

In the years following my divorce, I dated many women. With a number of them, I was in relationships with for varying amounts of time.

And I noticed something very interesting…

…It seemed that all the women who had a bad relationship with their father were the ones who cheated on me, or had problems orgasming, or were needy. And it seemed that the worse her relationship was with her father, the more problems she had.

It seemed that all the women that had a good relationship with their father were women who were very communicative (I thoroughly enjoyed their company), emotionally available, highly sexual, multi-orgasmic, had a very good self-image, and never cheated on me.

It’s not fair, it’s not her fault. But it is reality .

I began to understand what I needed to have and why my marriage failed. Nobody had taught me this stuff while I was growing up. Nobody tells us how to select the kind of person that would make for a successful relationship.

I assumed full responsibility for my situation. I had chosen wrong. I had chosen her simply because she was smoking hot, with no regard to her character. She had low self-esteem. Believe it or not, she could only see the faults in herself while men would stare at her everywhere we went.

Choose wisely.