Text Message “Crack” for Women

Text Message “Crack” for Women


Here’s a shocking fact:

Did you know… mobile app companies spend billions of dollars a year to get women addicted to their cell phones?

It’s true…

For example, apps like “Candy Crush” and “Farmville” are specifically targeted at women and they make millions of dollars a DAY…

And that’s because they are designed by “gaming psychologists” to be more addictive than crack cocaine.

It’s also the same psychology that gets people addicted to gambling, p0rn, and video games.

Why is that so interesting?

Well, what if I told you there was a way to use the same psychology to make a woman addicted to YOU?

That technology didn’t exist a few years ago, but it does now…

And not only is it easier than selling crack to a crackhead…

You can get her addicted to you the same way Candy Crush does it… through her phone.

It’s actually super fun and easy, just send her one of these texts:

Text Message “Crack” for Women <== Click Here These tiny little text messages are dangerously addictive. So you shouldn’t be shocked when you send her one of these texts and…

>> She replies back to you right away.

>> She shows genuine interest in getting to know you.

>> She eagerly moves things forward to meeting you in person.

You’re gonna freakin love this…