We all started out as “Nice Guys”

There’s this assumption that a lot of guys have that there is something inherently wrong with them if they exhibit Nice Guy behavior.

While it does need to be corrected, most of us never stood a chance as we were taught from a young age by society, our families, and the expectations of everyone around us.

Most of the material put out by dating coaches and pick-up artists zero in on how to stop being a Nice Guy.

That’s why a lot of them teach what they call “inner game” and it is clearly considered one of the biggest blocks to success with women.

It is.

Everyone knows it’s a problem.

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Guys who are absolute naturals are extremely rare.

We all began as “Nice Guys” at some point.

Most of my friends admit to suffering from Nice-Guy-itis.

You have a lot of raw male potential lurking under your veneer of learned Nice Guy behaviors.

I see it as my job to bring it out of you.

A lot of you guys are good men, who through social programming, have learned to act the part of the “Nice Guy.” But you have a lot more depth and drive than you give yourself credit for.

You have the potential to be a great lover.

This ebook is not some kind of “woo-woo, airy-fairy” self-help…

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You might want to get in touch with REALITY. And when that happens, you’ll find that you are more powerful than you ever thought.

If you haven’t started on your journey yet, this is the place to start.

It is the most critical component in becoming the man you were always meant to be.

Only then can you be the fulfiller of fantasies to your woman.

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