We have all been hurt.

We can all think of that girl that dumped us and broke our heart.

It is normal for us to take it all so personally.

We only had our own perspective to view things from.

I was once hurt very badly. It took a long time to fully understand what had actually happened.

After much research and introspection, I finally realized that the entire problem was that I had chosen wrong. She had low self-esteem. She sabotaged it.

I came to realize it was based solely on her looks. I had not believed in myself enough, to find the kind of woman that I knew I had to have.

So I realized my mistake, and I assumed responsibility. And with that, I let go of the past, I kept only the lessons learned, and I set out on a new path for my future.

As men, we are not defined by how we have been hurt; instead, we are defined by how we make the best of ourselves.

Do not define ‘who’ you are by ‘what’ happened. Instead, simply acknowledge the ‘event’ as a lesson learned.

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In actuality, we don’t miss the woman, we miss the validation and how we felt when we were with her.

Don’t rely on a woman to feel validated. Get your own validation; be self- validated.

Know that you can feel even better with a more worthy woman.

Know that the past is just the past. There is nothing we can do to change the past.

The past is what got us to where we are now.

All we can do is define our present and future. It is up to us.

And the best way to move on to a better relationship with a more worthy woman is with a few tools on your belt or tricks up your sleeve as it were.

You must know how to select the right woman.

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When you know how to find a high-quality woman, the sky is truly the limit.