Why Women REALLY Reject You… (Even if She Seemed to Like You)

See, a lot of guys think the “chemistry” or “connection” you have with a girl ‘in person’ will win her over…

But that is a critical MISTAKE.

Read this carefully:

“The game” is no longer won or lost in person, its played almost entirely online and over text.

Read it again. And again.

If you don’t ‘get this’ you’ll lose EVERY SINGLE woman you talk to. No matter how much she seemed to like you.

A lot of guys, especially older guys who hate technology, say I’d rather just meet a woman in the real world.

But here’s the thing…

You might get her phone number in the real world, but that’s NOT where the relationship takes place, right?

Pretty much all your conversations with her will be through text, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever other messaging app she uses.

You can’t avoid it unless you plan on dating 80 year olds.

Every time she logs in if you’re not there some other guy is, and you can bet your ass he’s trying to get in her pants.

And if she pulls out her phone and keeps seeing lame boring texts from you or you’re the “friendless” guy ’liking’ all her posts like some super annoying fan…

She’s gonna quickly lose interest…

And pretty soon no matter much she liked you in the “real world”, you’ll start hearing excuses like how ‘I like you but just don’t have time for anything serious ’

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