5 Facial Signals Females Make When Interested

Did you know you can make seduction so much easier by doing one simple thing?

You sure can. And that one thing is this:

Learning how to properly pick up women’s signals.

You see, women aren’t as blunt or direct as we are. They’re much more subtle and sneaky. And when they’re interested in a man, they emit subtle and sneaky signals to let him know.

Here are 5 signals that all originate from her face, besides the obvious eye contact. If you see them pointed in your direction, she’s giving you the green light to proceed:

1. Raised eyebrows – A sign that you’ve aroused her and triggered her attention.

2. Fast blinking – Whether it’s blinking fast or batting her eyelashes, she wants you to look at her eyes so you can reciprocate her interest.

3. Dilated pupils – Her way of showing 100% complete focus on her target.

4. Flared nostrils – Like dilated pupils, this is an involuntary response that signals excitement and arousal.

5. Lots of lip action – She wants you to pay attention to her mouth. To do so, she’ll lick her lips or bite them if she’s super-horny. As an aside, arousal causes lips to become dry. If you arouse her, she’ll need to lick them.

Now if you remember seeing a woman give off these signs yet you did nothing in response, you’re probably kicking yourself right now…

What’s an even easier way than picking up on signals?

Having women approach YOU. Because once you make that happen, all you have to do is accept their offers…

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