The correct beliefs eliminate most of the work

Your beliefs will make or break you.

Sexuality is all mental.

Financial success is all mental.

Your health is really all mental.

The mind controls the body, and you control your mind.

By the way, I just gave you the secret formula to turn your sex life around (or turn anything in your life around).

If you want to change anything first change your beliefs about it.

When you have truly done that, your actions will change, and then the results you are getting will change.

The inner game that goes on inside of every man is what decides his fate.

I can teach a man everything I know, but if he just doesn’t BELIEVE himself to be worthy, his woman won’t respond to him.

Peter is clearly being held back by his beliefs:


“I have read a lot of materials about women. I don’t have a problem with sex, and I don’t have a problem with meeting women. It’s just all the stuff in between that gets me lost most of the time. It’s like a new discipline.

The funny thing is I have the discipline to run 10 miles a day and work out regularly with no problems. I’m disciplined with my finances as well. These things seem more difficult to do.

But I see guys attract women constantly and for them, it’s so easy, and not to judge, but it doesn’t seem hard to them.

I’m just not attracting the type of girl I really want.

Whenever I do get ones I really like, I always blow it.

You know, “got to get my hair done” or “let’s just be friends” before anything really jumps off.

I even had a super-hot girl over and couldn’t get a hard-on!!!

What’s up with that man?? That really messed me up.

My question is what would you suggest to speed up my learning curve. Would this be a confidence issue on my part?? I am a good looking, muscular, 6’2″ black guy.

I will not get passed over for someone 6 inches shorter and twice my weight anymore. There should be none of this.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get this fixed!! I won’t live with this anymore! I’m ready to be the man!!! What do I need to do to speed up this learning process?”


Advice for Peter:

Read the beginning of this email about beliefs!

You said that you had a super-hot girl over but couldn’t get it up. Sex is controlled by the subconscious. Your subconscious sabotaged your sex with her.

That could be caused by you basing your self-worth on conquests, or that could be caused by you NOT BELIEVING that you deserve it.

You said that whenever you get ones you really like, you blow it.

And most importantly, you kept asking, “How do I speed up my learning curve?”.

…As if your entire mental state and the sum total of where you are currently at is merely an obstacle to be overcome.

…This is where our male thinking gets us into trouble.

You need to change your beliefs. That will change everything else FAST.

Learn to believe that you deserve good women.

You said you are not attracting the type of girl you really want. Do you know what kind of girl you really want?

Can you express it in positive terms such as “She must have ___ positive attribute, and she must have ___ positive attribute.”?

Do you know what the really important positive attributes are?

Your high-level logic mind thinks that you deserve a good woman, but your subconscious (what really matters) disagrees.

Here’s a hint:

Once you really dial in what the woman is like that you really want, reverse engineer and ask the question what kind of man would a woman like this need to be turned on and aroused?

Get out of your own head. Get in touch with her reality.

Then you’ll be getting much warmer.

Take responsibility for your own lot in life. And then take responsibility for changing that. Find your own sense of personal power and build upon it.

Learn to connect with a woman on an emotional level.

See women as the beautiful creatures that they are – deserving to receive incredible pleasure.

Stop thinking about what’s in it for you. Think about what’s in it for her.

Stop thinking about getting sex from her. Think about giving her really good sex.

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