Imagine a room of 300 women… screaming and cheering for a guy…

Imagine a room of 300 women… screaming & cheering for a guy…

We know one thing for sure: that guy is getting laid at the end of the night. Maybe twice.

Well I know one such guy.

Eric von Sydow

(I don’t even hesitate to believe this claim. At 44 years old, he lives with 3 women in San Diego and they’re all gorgeous.)

As you’d expect, being a male stripper, Eric has discovered “a thing or two” about pleasing a woman…

And now he’s finally revealing his secrets to pleasing a woman right here in this tutorial:

Discover the astonishing lovemaking techniques of a male stripper who slept with 1000+ women.

I don’t want to spoil the video… though one technique I LOVE is the “Pubic Bone Humming” technique…

Eric says when you’re giving a girl oral pleasure, if you rest your nose on her pubic bone and hum, the vibrations send waves of pleasure deep inside her. (Cool, right?)

And “talking” a woman to big-O without even touching her? That’s badass.

There are so many techniques in this video — ones that almost no guy on the planet knows, so this’ll give a huge edge over other guys.

You’ll really love this tutorial, go check it out here:

Click to learn more…

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