Truth Bomb About “Rapport” and “Kissing Ass’

Today we’re going to be taking a look at another misunderstood concept:

The idea of Rapport.

Rapport is one of the most IMPORTANT features or characteristics of “human interaction.”

It is a commonality of perspective: being “in sync” with, or being “on the same wavelength” as the person with whom you are talking.

Rapport occurs when your subconscious mind accepts the person you’re talking to is on your side.

Rapport is COOPERATIVE, this means it’s not the time to tease or disqualify.

There are two types of conversational rapport; wide and deep.

WIDE rapport refers to the ability to be in synch with someone over a large array of conversational topics.

This is why it’s HUGELY important to have opinions, beliefs and thoughts on various subjects.

It’s a better idea to know a little about a lot of things than a lot about a few.

DEEP rapport refers to taking the conversation to a deeper “feelings based” level. When two people have deep rapport they have gotten to a very deep level of a particular conversational topic.

To establish deep rapport, you want to agree on the way certain things “make you feel.”

Using SENSORY language is a great tool for establishing deep rapport.

You can disagree and still maintain rapport as long as you agree on the overall feelings.

For example I often ask girls if they like snowboarding or surfing better. Then I will purposely DISAGREE with their answer as to what the superior sport is, but agree that being outside in full control of nature is a great feeling.

Don’t try to agree with everything a woman says to get rapport with her, that just makes you a kiss ass.

Instead, try talking about things you like that she MIGHT be interested in.

You don’t need to completely change your hobbies and interests but if you like Nirvana and she’s wearing a Nirvana shirt, you might want to bring that up.

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5 Ways to Look Better (Yes Looks Are Important)

It’s really not hard to take yourself from less than attractive to attractive. 3s become 5s, 5s become 7s etc…

I firmly believe that ANY guy can max out his look within 6 months – 1 year unless he’s HORRIFICALLY obese and has to spend years losing hundreds of excess pounds.

Again keep in mind that MOST guys are not going to max out at a 10 without plastic surgery, height implants, and a time machine.

We’re not aiming for perfection we’re aiming for the best we can be. If you’re bald you’re not turning into Fabio. Sorry.

So what do we need to max out look wise:

1. Body.

As a guy if you have nice looking arms, no muffin/top and a semi defined chest you’re basically a 7 as long as you’re not hideously deformed in the face. So if you’re obviously out of shape and it’s important to you to meet women get your ass in the gym.

Or on a bike or into a karate class or whatever EXERCISE you like you 3-5 times a week. If you’re too skinny lift weights and eat weight gainer.

2. Skin Tone.

Acne is a MEDICAL problem. Go to a DR if you have gross acne, don’t try to cure it with cream from the mall. Also if you’re really pale, get a tan. Even if you have to fake and bake it will give you a chance to meet girls who also go tanning.

A guy who is a 5 or a 6 with the right look can absolutely crush it on Tinder (just follow this advice)

3. Hair.

If you’re bald/balding go Bruce Willis. Don’t try to hang on, don’t comb it, don’t have spikes that start in the middle of your head. Also if you have hair and it’s going grey dye that shit if you want younger chicks, or shut up.

Then get a real haircut not a $10 job from some chick who barely speaks English, spend $50 for something that can make you 2 points better looking by itself.

4. Get a Look.

Girls should be able to stereotype you in 1-2 words by the way you dress. Rocker, Hip Hop guy, Nerd, Hipster, Jock, Prep. Pick a style and then dress that way rather than doing what 90% of guys do and throwing together hit that doesn’t match and looks terrible.

If you have to get some personal shopping done for you at Nordstrom’s (it’s free).

5. Accessories. Having a couple of accessories or things girls can talk to you about is always good. I have a tattoo, and a collection of funny t-shirts. You may have a watch or ring or necklace or shoes that starts conversation but get something. 1 thing not 97 like back in the day pea-cocking.

With those 5 areas you can max your look out usually in only a few months.

And I guarantee, mixed with this advice, you’ll have endless dates lined up off Tinder.

Go for it!

Now you may be saying, “That list is great and all, but what about the details? How do I acquire all those characteristics to meet women if I’m shy, awkward, and don’t have a lot of time to invest?”…

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What is goal hijacking?

Goal hijacking is what happens when a person sets a goal whether it’s to lose weight, make more money or get better with the opposite sex.

Then this person shares his/her goal with a group of like minded individuals at a seminar, a mastermind group or an internet message board, and then their goal gets literally hijacked by another goal they hadn’t thought about before.

A common example I’ve seen looks like this: a guy wants to get a girlfriend so he’ll be less lonely and have more sex.

Then he starts googling “How To Get A Girlfriend” or ” Get Better with Girls” and the like and finds all these products that sound amazing!!!

Or he get on the message boards and reads (often fake) Lay Reports by these guys that sound like something written to Letter To Penthouse (also fake).

All of a sudden, getting a girlfriend doesn’t sound so great anymore.

Goal hijacking happens A LOT.

Especially when you haven’t fully fleshed out what you want to get out of a given goal.

When it comes to goal setting, there are two parts: The goal itself and the benefits you are going to get from achieving that goal.

To use the weight loss example, if you lose 20LBS, you’re not only going to reach your goal, but you’re going to get increased health benefits, you’re going to look younger and more attractive and you’re going to be happier and more confident in the way you look.

The weight loss is the goal, the rest are the benefits of achieving that goal.

So when it comes to picking a goal for meeting women, we want to pick a goal that we not only want, but will get us the benefits we’re looking for as well.

Then we want to stick to it and focus only on that goal until we achieve it.

Otherwise we stand the risk of being the victim of goal hijacking.

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Modern society has neutered men!

Modern society has neutered men and turned them into total pussies.

Men are confused and inhibited by the modern narrative, telling men to be more feminine, and women to be more masculine.

But all of this is hurting relationships.

In fact, it is preventing men from initiating relationships, let alone moving a relationship forward.

And forget about sex. Men have become too timid to lead, fearing they will be accused of doing something illegal.

This kind of sexual leadership and power must first be learned and then practiced.

You need someone to show you how to do that.

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Be The Fucking Man!

What Does it Really Mean to be “Confident”?

Yeah, I know, it’s a word that makes some guys recoil in fear.

“I don’t have that” they think. And they think they never will.

But chill out a sec. It’s not as impossible as you’d think…

When women are asked to describe qualities they want in men, confidence is always near the top of the list. In fact, it’s probably at the top.

But what does it really mean to be “confident”?

Confidence comes down to having the belief that you will be able to handle ANYTHING that comes your way.

No matter what happens, you’ll deal with it.

Confidence is important to women because it helps them to feel SAFE.

If a woman is with a guy who communicates that he can handle anything life can throw at him, she doesn’t have to worry about it.

This allows a woman to relax and take a more feminine role in the interaction.

Confidence begins with positive self-talk.

Confident people don’t beat themselves up when they make mistakes, or focus on past failures.

Instead they keep their thoughts positive and productive.

If a girl isn’t interested in you when you approach her, there’s no point in being upset, instead focus on how you’ve now freed up your time to meet a girl who will like you.

ALWAYS remember to ask yourself ” What is good about this situation?”, “What can I learn from this?”, and ” What is the most fun thing I can do right now?”.

Confident people aren’t afraid to get rejected.

You have to demonstrate to women that whether or not they like you has no bearing on your confidence.

You have to recognize that rejection is a part of the game.

The best guys I’ve ever met with women get rejected. A LOT.

You will never be able to completely eliminate the numbers game element of approaching strangers. The more you get rejected, the more you will get laid.

Simple as that.

Confidence is one of the KEY elements that turns would-be FLAKES into dates. Here are the others…

Confident people have confident body language.

There is a distinct link between physiology and emotional states.

Imagine a depressed person. What does their body language look like?

If you’re like most people you probably imagined a guy or girl with slumped shoulders, a distressed, nervous look on their face and even shallow breathing.

Now imagine a person who is confident. What do you see?

Again most people imagine someone with good posture, a beaming smile, slow deliberate movements, good eye contact etc…

Here’s three things you can do right away to make your body language more confident.

1. Smile. The more people will perceive you as confident.

2. Stand up straight. Imagine there is an imaginary string pulling your chest up toward the sky. Keep your shoulders back and your stomach in.

3. Move slowly. The slower and more deliberate you make your movements the more confidently you will come across.

Confident people are not afraid to share things about themselves.

P.S. Confidence also feeds off of results. The better your successes, the more memories you have to draw on.

Here’s how to maximise your results from the numbers game and start getting the successes you want.

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Every Guy Messes “THIS” Up with a Girl

That’s right, today you’re getting the basics of “Not Qualifying” yourself.

One of the simplest rules of socializing is that the person who qualifies themselves more has LOWER value.

This is aptly summed up by the statement:

“A rich man does not tell you he is rich.”

Yet, almost every guy I meet in the seduction community start off by telling me how much they get laid, how hooked up they are, or how much money they make.

Qualifying yourself to girls when you first meet them is a TERRIBLE idea because it shows her you are trying to impress her and think she is of higher value. Not a good place to game from.

Here’s a few ways to avoid qualifying yourself.

In the first 15 minutes of meeting people – Avoid bragging about possessions, places you’ve traveled, or people you’ve met.

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Avoid trying to make people see things your way or “understand” you. Even if you are “right”.

Avoid explaining yourself or your behavior as much as possible. When you have to explain yourself, keep it SIMPLE.

Bad Example:

Girl: Why do you want to kiss me?

Guy: Because I’m attracted to you and want to express it physically in an intimate manner.

Good Example:

Girl: Why do you want to kiss me?

Guy: Who knows? (Go in for the kiss)

Keep the cool things about you to yourself until the group has “accepted you.”

It’s not bragging if the girls ask you about it. Use unanswered questions in your conversations to bait the girls into asking you questions about the cool stuff in your life.

Ok, that should help you guys to avoid qualifying yourself.

Now you may be saying, “That list is great and all, but what about the details? How do I acquire all of those skills if I’m shy, awkward, and don’t have a lot of time to invest?”…

You’ll find the simple, straightforward answer to that here.

Be The Fucking Man!

Here’s How I Improved My “Voice”

Today we’re talking about Vocal Projection.

Y’know, Pavarotti style.

It has been said many times that your voice is your NUMBER ONE tool as a pick up artist.

But the number one problem guys have when they come on a bootcamp is not being loud enough.

We’re going to fix that today.

The power for your voice comes from your breath.

This is the number one thing to remember when it comes to vocal projection. You want to speak on the exhale.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath before doing an approach.

Make sure that you’re speaking from your diaphragm not your throat. Your diaphragmatic muscles are located near where your ribs come together.

If you exhale all the breath out until your body forces you to breathe, your diaphragm will contract.

Here are some other tips:

1) In general, aim your voice one person beyond the person you want to hear you!

2) For night-game, speak as loudly as possible. You have to make it socially awkward for the girl(s) to ignore you.

=> Some guys LOSE their voice because of the anxiety of approaching Women.

3) Don’t be afraid to scream if the music is too loud in a bar or club. Your voice is a muscle, it will come back stronger every time you lose it.

4) Speak louder to ignore conversational threads you don’t want to take. (Practice this with anyone.)

5) Lower your vocal projection once you’ve isolated a girl away from her friends. This creates intimacy.

6) For day-time approaches, speak in a normal tone, as if you’re reading the news. This will help the girls not get startled.

7) Remember you can have the best game in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one can hear it.

Hope that helps you guys get out there this weekend to approach and meet some new women.

P.S. The nerves of approaching can mess with your tonality and have you sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Here are some of the strategies I’ve used to avoid that issue.

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Success comes down to the words you say!

Are You AFRAID to Let Girls Know You Like Them?

Guys are afraid to let women know they like them…

Now I understand that when most of us find the community we may have had some bad experiences with women.

Some of us may have been insulted by women, or rejected or both.

But I noticed very quickly that you CAN’T insult a woman into bed.

In fact once I learned about the idea of letting girls know what you like about them (“Qualification” in nerd speak) my entire game took off…

So in addition to reminding you that it’s ok to let girls know you like them EVEN as you’re meeting them, I want to give you some guidelines on how to let girls know you like them.

1. Don’t compliment her beauty without making her work for it.

Anytime you compliment a woman on her beauty, you want to make it conditional.

The classic community example being “You’re very pretty, BUT what else do you have going for you other than your looks?”

You can also acknowledge her looks in a matter of fact manner by saying something like “Obviously you’re very pretty, but beauty doesn’t get you any points with me. What I like about you is your sense of humor.”

The more you can acknowledge but not be affected by her beauty, the better.

2. Use releases when needed.

A release is a simple non-sequitur tease that you “add on” to a compliment if the compliment has made the women a little uncomfortable.

One of the key subtleties about releases is that you don’t ALWAYS need one.

In fact you ONLY need them if the compliment you have given a woman has made her uncomfortable. This is where you need to learn to read women’s faces or speak Womanese as I like to call it.

If a woman ever has a facial flinch or moves herself out of your intimate area as you compliment her, you probably needed a release.

3. Commit to the compliment.

A lot of guys have a big problem when it comes to complimenting women.

They want to be “cool” so they use words like cool, or good. Or my personal favorite “nice.”

That is the language of the dialtone.

Instead use some adjectives and creativity.

Also make sure that you have an idea of what makes her unique, whether it’s a funky fashion style she put a lot of time into or a unique thing she says to emphasize herself.

Every girl is full of awesome qualities, you just have to look for them.

Success comes down to the words you say.

Sexuality for a woman is entirely mental.

The entire key is her brain. You turn that key with the words out of your mouth.

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Bad Boy Versus Nice Guy. Who Wins?

Let’s have a hypothetical matchup here. The winner gets the grand prize of getting in between a Victoria’s Secret model’s legs…

Bad Boy versus Nice Guy. Who wins? The answer’s easy…


And I already told you that the bad boy doesn’t even have to try. Because he gets things done without lifting a finger, and that includes attracting women and getting laid.

Now if you want to win the girl EVERY time you’re going to have to become a bad boy. You can still be yourself, but you’ll have to add a few things to your arsenal.

What are those things? They’re not fancy clothes, muscles, tattoos, or even a sports car.

You’ll find the simple, straightforward answer to that here.

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Here’s My Riff on “Approaching Groups” (by Jon Sinn)

Today we’re going to dive into the basics of approaching groups.

Most frequently you’ll be approaching groups in bars and clubs.

The most important thing when it comes to approaching groups is being “loud enough” to be heard by EVERYONE in the group.

If you aren’t able to instantly capture everyone in the group’s attention, you may already be in trouble.

The NEXT basic of approaching groups involves eye contact. You want to make sure to spread your eye contact throughout the group and not just give all of it to the girl you’re interested in…

This will just piss people off and show them that you’re only about one thing.

After you get your loudness and eye contact down you need to focus on reforming the group around you.

In the past this was called “locking in.” But locking in is just one of many ways to reform a group around yourself.

In fact many times you can bait a group into reforming using just body language. The overall idea of reforming a group is to make yourself the “center” of everyone’s attention.

If you can get relaxed by either leaning against something or sitting down so much the better.

Once the group is reformed around you, make an attempt to make one comment to “acknowledge” everyone in the group.

You don’t want to ignore anyone, remember she’s known her friends longer than you have and are way more important to her, no matter how good your game is.

After you isolate a girl, bring her back to her friends to “check in.” This is really important.

Before a girl leaves a club with you, she is going to talk to her friends, if just to tell them she’s leaving.

Also oftentimes the friends will come looking for you. So it’s better to go back and check in before they start to wonder.

When you check in, chat with the entire group for 5-10 minutes, then take the girl back into isolation.

Always find out how the group knows each other and how they got there.

In learning game you often hear not to ask questions. This is a BLATANT over exaggeration as some questions can gather vitally important logistical information.

The two most important questions being:

1) “How do you guys all know each other? or some other question to establish the relationship between the members of the group, even if they’re all girls.

2) “How did you get here?” This is important for logistics. If she drove there by herself, she can leave by herself… If she was driven by a friend it gets more complicated. If she’s the driver, you’re screwed.

Ok That’s the basics of handling groups, which can be one of the most important factors between going home alone and going home with that hottie.

Hope that helps.

Now you may be saying, “That list is great and all, but what about the details? How do I acquire all those skills if I’m shy, awkward, and don’t have a lot of time to invest?”…

You’ll find the simple, straightforward answer to that here.

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P.S. Approaching groups is easier than it looks, but it requires some familiarity with approaching women in general.