The nerve of her

Sometimes she will call you instead of text.


The nerve of her! 😉

When this happens, it is important you stop this behavior dead in it’s tracks.

Why do I say this?

Because, to me, there’s no reason to have a verbal conversation UNTIL you are in the same room together.

Let me explain a bit more…

The more you tell her (in-between seeing her in person), the more you’re likely to repel her.

The only time you should expand your conversation (after meeting her in person the first time) is…

When you’re sitting right next to her the next time.

If you start telling her too much about you…

If you seem “too excited” to see her…

She won’t feel a sense of URGENCY to get together with you

And… It’ll take FOREVER for that to happen.

(If it ever does.)

So, when you see the call coming in, don’t answer and let it go to voice mail.

Then, listen to the message and respond via text. 🙂

Obviously, if you missed the call and you have a voice mail from her you would do the same thing.

Letting it go to voice mail will make you seem unavailable.

(which is exactly what you want to be)

So if her message is…

Her: Hey Brian, It’s Karen from the other night. I’m just calling to see what you’re up to.

You simply text your response and get to the point.

Your text: So, I suppose you want to get together?

By texting her your reply you will be conveying that this is how you communicate…


She will probably switch to it, INSTEAD OF calling you.

Mission accomplished.

Try it and let me know what happens.

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