I’m afraid women will see me as a player if I approach every woman in the room…

Today we have a good question:

“I’m really starting to get this stuff, but now I’m facing a new problem.

I’m afraid women will now see me as a player.

Is there anything wrong with this?

How do you deal with it?”

– Steve

*** My Answer ***

Logic, my friend.

Here’s how your conversations SHOULD go down…

Her: You are such a player.

You: And your point would be?

Her: Well, I want a man to pay attention to me, only. Why are you that way?

You: Would you agree that it’s hard to find somebody to click with?

Her: Yes

You: Would you also agree that you have to date a few different people to increase the chances of meeting someone great?

Her: Yes

You: So, are you saying that I should sit on my couch, watching T.V. every night, while waiting for the right woman to walk through my living room?

Her: No

You: Exactly. Any more questions?

Yes my friends.

It is that easy.

And I can show you all the finer details on how you can do this too.

Ok, so you might be reading this right now, and you’re probably wondering…

“What’s The Best Way For Me to REALLY Learn This Stuff?”

Hey, I’m glad you asked.

Success with women really comes down to learning a new way to think about women, then combining it with the actual techniques that cause women to feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION.

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Once you have the eye contact down, you can include a quick “Hi”…

A lot of men think you need good looks to have a good love life. And while that may certainly help you seduce strangers on the surface, it’s not that necessary…

There’s one ingredient or trait that’s much more vital than good looks if you hope to score with women. And if you lack it, your love life (and other parts of your life as well) will be lacking:


You need it to attract friends. To attract a job/career. To attract success. And most of all, you need confidence to attract women.

This is probably why you’ve seen guys who weren’t the best looking. But that didn’t stop them from having a beautiful babe walking with them (and spare me the, “They have money” excuse).

Unfortunately, confidence is as elusive as good looks for many men. Luckily, even if you weren’t “born with it,” you can do things to increase your confidence level, such as this:

Take one step FORWARD.

No, I’m not suggesting you literally place one foot in front of the other. Instead, I’m suggesting you figuratively take one step forward in whatever it is you want to achieve…

For instance, you may lack confidence when it comes to approaching women, probably due to the fear of rejection…

You think that simply hearing “No” from a female you approach will end in instant death. So to avoid this fatal feeling, you don’t approach at all…

This can obviously cut down your chances at meeting new women. Because unless they approach you, you’re SCREWED…

To kill this fear and lack of confidence, make little moves that will bring you closer to reaching your goal of approaching…

Starting today, say that you’ll look at least 5 women in the eye – not like you want to kill or kidnap them – but just friendly eye contact matched with a smile…

Instead of walking with your head down due to a lack of confidence, your head will be up and making eye contact. And as you see some women react positively (they’ll smile back), you’ll start to see that they’re not so scary…

Once you have the eye contact down, you can include a quick “Hi” with each women you connect with. And once they say “Hi” back, you’re yet another step closer to getting the confidence you need to approach.

By simply taking small steps forward each and every day, you’ll gain confidence. And as your confidence rises, you’ll automatically become more attractive to the opposite sex.

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They’ll get them BEGGING to be with you.

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The Number 1 Reason Why Men Fear Approaching Women

It’s quiz time. Chill out though. It’s just one question. Here we go: Why are most men scared to approach women?

It’s rather simple: They fear REJECTION.

I’m sure it’s happened to you. This AMAZING girl walks by you and you’re eyes become GLUED to her. She has it all. Perfect long hair. A gorgeous face. A rack that stops traffic. And a behind that says “look at me” with each step she takes.

But you didn’t go up to her. All you could do was stare. In the seconds that you saw her, you already imagined what she’d be like in bed. Hell, you may have even sprung wood right there.

And she kept walking. Off into the distance. Never to appear again. But she did appear somewhere. In your mind. Even when you went to sleep that night, you thought of her again. Damn. Another night alone, filled with regret.

Look man. You should’ve gone up to her. Who knows? You could be dating her now. But that fear of REJECTION took over. Don’t worry though. Those days are FINISHED.

Go HERE to put an end to your fear. See how just a few moves can turn rejection into SUCCESS with ANY woman. Even that girl who passed you on the street:

Attract Hotter Women

Brene Brown and Curing Nice Guy

At the core, we all want deep connection.

We want to see others and be seen.

We have a right to want connection and sex with women.

Nice Guys deny this and make it a source of shame.

We need to know how to stop this and recover.

Famed researcher, Brene Brown, has deepened and broadened our understanding of the plight of the Nice Guy, what he really wants, and how to recover.

It is the key to unlocking yourself and doing the inner work that sets you free, emotionally and spiritually and takes you to that place where you automatically have the strong protective, vulnerable and incredibly sexy male presence that women crave with all of their being.

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World class RADAR for detecting horny chicks

What if I told you that you could go out TONIGHT and get laid? I’m not talking about with some high-price escort or stripper either. Just some normal, everyday girl that’s HORNY.

She doesn’t want you to pay her. Hell, she doesn’t even want you to buy her a drink. She just wants you INSIDE of her.

You see, women are horny just like men. In fact, I’d even say they’re HORNIER than men.

So when you go out, there are TONS of women on the prowl. Looking for that one guy to take home. And that guy may have been YOU. But you were so blind to the signals they were giving off, you couldn’t even tell.

Well my man, that’s not going to happen anymore.

See the trick that’s going to give you world class RADAR for detecting who the horny chicks are. Simply do a scan around the room and BOOM! You can see which ones want it BAD.

Watch the video and get the trick. Then go out and use it TONIGHT. Just remember one very important thing: Pack some condoms in your wallet. You’re going to need them!

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Control Any Woman’s Pussy & Make Her Want To F**k You


Vin D

friends with benefits – (how to) video

You’ll want to watch this video lesson http://attracthotterwomen.com/vid/fwb/

It’s only like 6 minutes long but it will really help you

Lets face it

Wanting a “friend with benefits” relationship with her is one thing

Making it a reality is another story, right?

It can be a tricky thing for most guys

I know this

You know this

Here’s the deal:

You want to let her know “what’s up”


When you’re doing this you don’t want to come off creepy

Like so many guys I see (unknowingly) do.

When you watch this video lesson

It tells you exactly how to let her know what you’re about

AND how to do it with both power and confidence.

Check it out:



New Conversation Skills To Attract Women 2

Another off-the-wall (but pretty funny) example of this, is a story that a good friend of mine told me about one of his friends. His friend was talking to a girl at a club, and she was talking about what kinds of things she enjoyed doing with her spare time.

She said “…I like to go clubbing…” He came back with “Oh, like baby seals?” Now, that might not get a girl to come home with you, but it’s damn funny. Love it.

Here’s The Bottom Line:
This technique is great for keeping a conversation fresh, fun, unpredictable, funny, and ATTRACTION-BUILDING… if you know how to do it just right.

But right now you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Wow, that’s really great. I sure wish there was a resource available that could show me hundreds of great ideas like that… so I could know exactly what to do from when I first meet a woman to the first date… all the way up until we get physical and beyond…”

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I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

David DeAngelo

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The secret to female mind control…

Has anyone ever told you that “Attraction is NOT a choice”?

This idea was beat into my head when I was younger, and I firmly believed it for years…

I genuinely believed you had to be tall, buff, handsome, and rich if you want to get with the hottest girls out there.

And seeing buff, rich, and handsome guys on tv get with beautiful model looking women really reinforced this belief…

BUT (and this is one fake Kardashian sized butt) this wasn’t reality…

Obviously unattractive guys get women all the time.

However, because of this belief I had whenever I saw a hot girl with a short or unattractive guy my brain registered it as “They’re just friends” or “He’s paying her.”

Over the years my mentality has obviously changed.

I know being tall, rich, or handsome aren’t requirements to get amazing and beautiful women.

I actually just got an email from a community member the other day, he reached out to me to tell me that he’s currently entered a long term relationship with a 6 foot tall woman, and he’s only around 5 foot 6.

I’ve also met guys who are dirt poor, who live on a couch in someone else’s home, but still regularly sleep with gorgeous women.

On the opposite side I’ve met buff and beautiful men who are completely clueless as to how to get women to like them…

As a matter of fact I once even met a rich dude in Vegas who developed an addiction for hookers, because he didn’t have the ability to meet and attract women…

I’ve also know fat geeky guys, and poor guys who amazing and beautiful girlfriends.

Loyal, caring, loving girlfriends…

This happens because a woman’s logical brain isn’t the one who’s choosing who she’s attracted to, it’s her emotions that are running the show…

And for a long time people didn’t really know how to use a woman’s emotions in their favor.

Most average guys thought process on the matter is “Well on a scale of 1-10 I’m about a 5, so I can only date and go after girls who are 5’s”.

God…this is such a toxic way to think, but I see it all the damn time!

Don’t be that guy.

Learn how to harness a woman’s emotions, and start dating the kind of women you deserve to date.

My buddy has a kick ass video that’s only up for the next few days explaining his methods…

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Til next time,

Turning a failed relationship around

There’s a lot of messages from husbands who are in dire need of a sexual 911.


How can I get my wife more interested in having sex?

…Particularly in different positions? All she likes in the missionary position.

She said that sex is nasty. She says she is too big and that she does not like getting naked to have sex.

I tell her that she is not and that she looks great.

Our biggest fights always revolve around sex.





Mental foreplay buddy.

Command respect. Respect her. Do not be needy.

Then, perhaps gently in your case, start to implement dirty talk.

Instead of “having sex” you should instead switch to making her mind “escape.”

When in bed, you should “worship” her body, “savor” her body. Take lots of time savoring her body.

Spend lots of time massaging and touching her all over.

And dirty talk. Always dirty talk. That means narrate what you’re doing as you’re doing it.

Spend lots of time slowly working the deep spot or rubbing her clit and tease her by holding her close to orgasm for a long time.

Then, do NOT ask for anything in return.

I’m serious – don’t do it!

Just kiss her and go to sleep. (You can slip away to wack off if need be, but do NOT let her know this.)

Do that for a few weeks and see how things change.

Be the Man. Lead her. Command respect. Be exciting. And everything before and after sex is mental foreplay.

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Bring Out Her Inner Slut