How NOT to be nice

I really feel for guys who were raised in a home surrounded by women. You know, guys who were only raised by their mother, sisters, aunts, grandma, etc…


Because they were likely fed a huge LIE from the day they were born:

“You have to be nice to women to get them to like you.”

Is it true that you should respect women?

Of course. But being “nice” is something that will not attract them and will get you either rejected or in their friend zone every single time.

Why is it bad to be nice?

1. It’s not attractive – Women want a man who’s dominant. They want to feel protected and secure. A nice guy doesn’t give off that vibe. Therefore, he cannot attract a woman instinctually in the way she was biologically programmed.

2. It’s annoying – She doesn’t want to be with a guy who always says yes and is always in agreement with everything she says. She doesn’t want a guy who’s a pushover. She also doesn’t want a guy who’s needy. All of those nice guy traits are annoying.

3. It’s not challenging – Women like a challenge – a guy who’s not that easy to win. A guy who’s harder to win/conquer is more likely to be a catch in other women’s eyes. This brings out her competitive side and secretly turns her on.

With all of that being said, will acting like a jerk win women over?

You may think so due to the other dating myth that “Women always go for jerks.” However, that can certainly backfire…

Instead of acting like a jerk, there are certain ways to act like that ALPHA every woman wants. So stop being a nice guy and see them now…

The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll have bodacious babes in your bed every night. And the sooner you’ll lose that frustration of being friend-zoned…

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Nice Guys and The Paradox of Courage.

Nice Guys see Bad Boys taking chances, embracing uncertainty, boldly interacting with women with no guarantees.

And Nice Guys envy Bad Boys for it.

The Nice Guy deludes himself with the completely unrealistic fantasy that there is “the magic technique” with which he will not have to put his masculinity on the line.

The “secret super power” of the Bad Boy is not something the Bad Boy has that the Nice Guy does not. The secret super power of the Bad Boy is that he has recognized as his greatest asset that which the Nice Guy continues to condemn within himself as his greatest weakness – the ability to stick ones neck out and be vulnerable.

When we see someone else being vulnerable, we perceive it as courage. And we esteem the hell out of it. When other people have the guts to be vulnerable, we label those people as valuable, admirable, impressive.

Now here comes the weird paradox: the same vulnerability, when we perceive it in ourselves, tends to get labelled very differently. When we put ourselves out there, when we feel exposed, when we embrace uncertainty, we don’t call ourselves “cool”, studly, or courageous. We call ourselves weak.

The Bad Boy’s secret is not that he’s invincible – it’s that he is vulnerable.

Bad Boys are willing to show things that Nice Guys insist on hiding. Their passion. The pleasure they derive from a woman. The desires a woman sparks within them. The dark thoughts that they have under the influence of a woman’s beauty. The raw masculine energy that courses through them.

These qualities are not techniques that can be taught in a school. They are naturally occurring aspects of masculinity that are stimulated into activity by femininity. These qualities form the basis of the Bad Boy’s appeal.

Thus, if you do not challenge your fear of vulnerability, no amount of technique will save you.

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