Ever See A Girl And Wonder Why She’s With HIM?

I’m sure this has happened to you before. You’re walking down the street and see this short, fat, frumpy, bald guy. He’s not alone though. He’s walking hand-in-hand with a gorgeous, tall, model-type with legs that seem to go on forever.

And what goes on in your head? “How the HELL did he get her?”

You try to come up with reasons for this physical mismatch. Anything to make YOU feel better. So you say he has a lot of money. Or has some big shot career. Or he’s a drug dealer. Or you even predict that he’s packing an elephant trunk as his package.

But why come up with all those reasons? What if he just has “it”? What if he just knows how to turn a woman on?

Oh, that’s right. You’ve been programmed to think women just want money, looks, or fame out of a guy. You’re one of the brainwashed ones!

Look. Today’s the day you’re going to cut that crap out of your mind.

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You don’t need material things to attract women.

Just imagine being the pied piper and having her dance to your tune.

Think I’m nuts? You’re in for a shock…

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