How to Meet the Fitness Hotties at the Gym

So you’re at the gym and you notice a smoking hot babe who looks like she could be on the cover of a fitness magazine.

Tight yoga pants… sports bra… flat stomach… great body.

What guy wouldn’t want a girl like that, right?

The problem is, if you walk right up and start hitting on her, she’s gonna think you’re a creepy perv!

Instead, you wanna take a casual, relaxed approach.

Don’t make it complicated or “high pressure.”

Just catch her at a moment when she’s not busy working out, smile and say hello.

For example:

“Hey, I see you here all the time, I don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m Mike.”

Simple and friendly, right? It’s no different than greeting a neighbor.

If she’s not interested in talking today, she’ll say hello and then carry on with her workout.

And you don’t lose anything or risk looking weird – you’re just being friendly and saying hi to someone you see on a regular basis.

Be cool about it, and leave her to her workout.

The next time you see her, she’ll remember you as the chill friendly guy and she’ll be more down to talk.

But most likely, she’ll stop and talk to you for a minute.

And from there you can chat with her and build a connection.

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My advice – keep it brief and avoid being too generic/forgettable.

Find out at least 1 interesting thing about her that you can bring up again the next time you see her.

And make sure to get her laughing, so the next time you see each other, she’ll be stoked to see you and you can move things forward to getting her number and hanging out later.

Here’s one of my favorite things to say that always gets a girl smiling at the gym:

“By the way, you look great today. Have you been, like… working out or something?”

Cheeky humor, for the win.

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