Pop Quiz: Does this attraction MISTAKE apply to you?

Be honest…

Do you ever struggle with knowing exactly HOW to attract women?

Or maybe by the time you realize she’s attracted to you, it’s too late because she’s already started to lose interest?

If so, you’re not alone!

I can tell you from personal experience…

The most FRUSTRATING thing about dating is when you finally meet a girl you like, then 2 weeks after dating (or hooking up) she starts to completely go cold on you…

She stops returning texts… She’s not as “available” to hang out anymore…

It’s almost like she did a complete 180 on you!

Why does this happen?

Here’s the hard truth: It’s because you weren’t able to KEEP her attracted to you!

At some point, you stopped doing the things that originally attracted her to you. And she lost interest.

You see, most guys assume that once a girl likes you, she’ll KEEP being attracted to you. This is not the case.

Because “attraction” isn’t like a light switch for women…

For her, it’s more like a dial, that you slowly turn up over time. And the instant you stop turning it on, it instantly turns off!

And to do this, you must create SEXUAL TENSION.

Tension is the KEY to attracting women…

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Because TENSION is the building block to making her sexually attracted to you!

And when you know how to create sexual tension on command, then you’ll not only be able to attract women when you meet them…

You’ll also be able to KEEP her attracted for as long as you want!

So let me ask you this…

What would it mean to you if you could get the girl and KEEP her too?

No more nights alone, in your bed, with just your hand to keep you satisfied?

No more feeling like girls just look past you, as you watch all the other guys pair off with a girl of their own?

No more having to pretend that you enjoy being “single” every time it comes up in conversation?

Getting to be the guy who walks in with the hot girl on your arm, while everybody stares in awe, and wonders how you landed her? (my advice, play it cool like it’s no big deal)

Finally being able to STICK it to anybody who has ever made fun of you for not getting any girls?

How to finally take CONTROL of your dating life:

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