9 First Date Mistakes Every Man Must Avoid

Here’s my 9 First Date Mistakes Every Man Must Avoid: (MORE HERE TOO)

The goal of any first date – even before getting laid – is to show her that you are a normal guy. Why is this so important? To destroy any defenses or apprehension she has that you’re some psycho who’ll leave her locked up in your basement.

As silly as that scenario may sound, women are naturally afraid of men. And it’s the first date where that fear must be eliminated if you hope to earn not only a second date, but a first class ticket in between her legs.

Unfortunately many men’s first dates are filled with mistakes. And it’s these mistakes that leave them either frustrated in the friend zone, or unlaid and all alone.

How can you ensure you’ll get a second date? A good start is to ensure you do not make any of these common first date mistakes:

1. Don’t whip out your phone – You’re better off whipping out your wiener than your cell phone on a first date. Texting, speaking, or fooling around on your phone shows a lack of respect and that you’re not focused on her.

2. Don’t be silent – Other than spilling red wine on her new white dress, the biggest thing to avoid on a first date is awkward silence. If you’re silent she’ll think you’re either emotionally closed off or boring. You can avoid awkward silences by avoiding questions that require simple yes or no answers. Ask things where she has to elaborate, and you can play off her answers to keep the convo going.

3. Don’t dominate the conversation – On the flip side of awkward silence is dominating the conversation. Don’t talk too much about yourself or you will come off as conceited. Remember that women love men who listen, so use your ears as much as you use your mouth.

4. Don’t get too serious – You want the conversation to be lighthearted and allow you to get to know more about her. Things you shouldn’t delve deep into are her thoughts on religion, politics, or anything else that’s serious and could lead to confrontation.

5. Don’t be rude to others – If you talk down to waiters or others during your first date, she’ll see you as a disrespectful jerk.

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6. Don’t get drunk – It’s tempting do down drinks like a lush so you can calm your first date jitters. Avoid this at all costs as it’s not only a crutch, but you’re likely to make a fool out of yourself in the process.

7. Don’t be sloppy – A first date’s first impression is extremely important. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, and spot-free. And make sure you’re properly groomed.

8. Don’t be vulgar – You may swear like a sailor to give off a bad boy vibe, but the only vibe this will give her is that you’re uneducated and vile.

9. Don’t touch too much – Are subtle touches and escalation a good thing? Sure, but if you’re all over her after just meeting, guess what? She’ll think you do that with every girl.

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