The ONLY Thing You Need To Know To Make Her Want you

A lot of so-called dating “gurus” think that women are complicated.

And so they develop complicated attraction methods.

I disagree with that.

I think the SIMPLER the method, the better.

And if you want to focus on ONE simple thing that will change the game for you…

Focus on a woman’s EMOTIONS.

Next time you’re talking to a girl, ask yourself this:

What emotion am I creating in her right now?

Is a BORING emotion?

Like intellectual stimulation? Or comfort? Or safety?

Are you playing it so safe that she feels NOTHING at all?

Or are you making her feel the raw, electric emotions that get her attracted and addicted to a man:


Look, if you don’t know how create those powerful emotions, I totally get it.

I didn’t know how to do it for years.

Being able to trigger the right emotions in a woman is tricky…

But being able to do it repeatably, ON-DEMAND… can be almost impossible if you’re just winging it.

When you use these emotional triggers, it does NOT matter how she’s responded to you in the past.

In fact…

A woman can be totally UN-attracted to you…

And still go home with you immediately…

IF you know how to push her hot-buttons.

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