The joy of squirting

Here’s his amazing story and answer to his question below:

“I have gone from having sex very rarely (and awkwardly, I’m ashamed to admit) to finding an amazing girlfriend, high self-esteem, loving, passionate and intelligent.

It was a shift in my beliefs about women and myself that brought this on. And all this girl wants to do is make me happy (which I am now).

We’ve been together nearly six months, and I’ve been able to give her orgasms on the phone (no touching), orgasms by whispering in her ear with no touching, deep spot and G-spot orgasms were no problem, which led to extended multiple orgasms (sometimes I still can’t
believe my transformation; these things are now commonplace!)

I can even make her come by rubbing a little spot on her back. I started touching it one night and telling her how good it was making her feel, and she came. Hard.

Basically, the next thing I want is for her to experience female ejaculation. I know she gets the urge (as I understand it, it feels like she needs to pee) yet when I tell her to push it out, and I AM telling her, not asking, she will come, yet not squirt.

I am a little confused, as she is completely mine in bed, and loves it when I take her like I own her, yet to me, it feels like she’s holding back just enough not to squirt.

When I asked her what it felt like, she said: “I could feel it there, but it wouldn’t come out.” She’s also mentioned that she didn’t want to make a mess of the bed, although I assured her it would be a huge turn on for me to see her do it.

I don’t want her to feel like I’m pushing her or forcing her to do anything, so I don’t make an issue of it.

She’s a highly orgasmic woman, who has completely given herself to me. Is there something that I have overlooked? Her pleasure means a lot to me, so I’m always looking to take her to greater heights.

Sorry, it took me so long to get to the question, yet I wanted to express my gratitude and give you a little background.”


This is fantastic. You have got what it takes to be one of the best, I can tell by your description.

You mentioned she’s coming for you, but you can’t get her to squirt.

The answer is simple:

You need to give her wild screaming orgasms first.

I like that you said you’re not making an issue of it that she’s not squirting.


Back off. Work on building the excitement .

No mention of squirting until you give her wild screaming orgasms first.


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