So, did you come?

Did you tell her before starting the sex session that the object was to make her have an orgasm?

I hope not, because that would make sex ‘goal oriented.’

Telling a woman that the goal is for her to have an orgasm puts pressure on her to perform. The pressure she feels to perform will actually reduce the possibility that she will orgasm.

So, how do you give her an orgasm, especially when it is not the goal?

You have to understand women and you have to understand sexuality:

Most women are unable to “let go.” They cannot surrender themselves to the pleasure that their bodies are giving them. This may be for one of many reasons:

It could be that she feels inhibited because of social pressures against being sexual…

…Or that she does not have a sense of deservedness enough to be able to believe that she deserves the pleasure…

…Or that she feels embarrassed about losing control in front of you.

The only way to get through this is for you to learn how to lead her in the bedroom.

It is critical that you learn how to take 100% responsibility for what takes place in the bedroom, and focus on her pleasure, not yours.

It is also critical to not make her feel any pressure to perform.


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