When Men Can’t Last Long Enough

There are two major stages in a man’s life when it’s increasingly difficult to last long enough to satisfy your woman.

The first is when you are younger and less experienced. The combination of the newness of the sensations, the extreme arousal levels generated by those young-guy hormone levels, and the sheer anxiety from sexual inexperience are a powerful cocktail for pre-mature ejaculation.

The second stage, less often talked about, is when a man’s testosterone levels begin to drop– usually around 40, but sometimes earlier or later. It starts to take a bit longer to get fully hard, and so we end up trying to get ourselves hyper-aroused earlier in the game, and then it’s hard to back that heightened arousal level down once you’ve achieved an erection– and you end up suddenly finishing earlier then expected… which then leads to anxiety the next time around, the cycle perpetuates.

But the bottom line is that it can (and usually does) strike at random periods throughout life, and understanding how to control your sexual stamina really eases all of that anxiety and lets you enjoy love making a whole lot more!

Because in general I speak out quite a bit against the porn industry. I’m not in favor of censorship, but I do think that most men aren’t aware of the very real dangers of porn, like:

1) It can be seriously addictive to some men, and can keep you from getting shit done in the real world.

2) It can cause social anxiety and social isolation in some men.

3) It can cause serious sexual dysfunction in some men (particularly those that start yount).

4) It’s quite exploitive of young girls who really aren’t well equipped to understand the long term consequences of the short term decisions they are pressured into making by extremely predatory and experienced businessmen/pimps.

5) It messes up a lot of couples for reasons 1-3 above as well as creating unrealistic expectations about what women like, and how big a man’s penis ought to be.

6) It teaches men to be bad in bed. What they’re doing on screen is not generally what works for women– and since young women are exposed to it too, even they think that’s the stuff they are supposed to enjoy and can’t figure out why they don’t.

7) It makes men insecure when they compare themselves to porn stars…

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