Don’t tell her about the orgasm

When you are getting intimate with a woman, absolutely, positively NEVER tell her that the goal is for her to have an orgasm.

It may be the honest truth that you want to give her an orgasm, but to tell her that is only going to make things worse because it gives her “performance anxiety.”

And that will absolutely, positively destroy her peace of mind and get her in her head.

That would be bad.

Some men would argue that not telling her that you intend to give her an orgasm is not telling the truth.

That’s fine.

In this case, to tell her the truth is NOT helping her.

So if mentioning the orgasm is a no-no, then what DO you say?

Simply tell her that you want to learn what feels good for her.

Tell her that you simply want her to feel the pleasure, and tell her to do exactly what you instruct her to do. Eventually, as a result, she has an orgasm!

Is that being dishonest? Is that withholding the truth? Is that manipulation?

I don’t think so.

I think that it is “facilitating” her. It has empowered her.

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