7 “Perfect Dates” That Lead to S*x…

Stuck on how to ask a girl out? Or… how to set up the date so that it’s guaranteed to be fun and easily lead to emotional connection, sex, and more?

Keep in mind that it never has to be complicated. You want things to be easy and fun, and not look like you’re trying way too hard to impress her (chasing… not attractive).

Remember, your best bet is always to set up something that’s comfortable and low-pressure for you both…

Even better… set it all up so that it’s easy to take her back to your place afterwards… and everything happens smoothly and effortlessly… so you’re both free to get caught up in the moment and enjoy each other.

Best bet – invite her to do things that you are ALREADY doing anyways… so there’s no pressure for the date to be a big “thing” that has to go well..

And on the off-chance that she flakes or can’t make it, you won’t be sitting around by yourself feeling dumb.

Here are 7 rock solid examples:

1.Weeknight happy hour. Cheap drinks, casual vibe, low commitment – near your house is ideal…
2. Sushi bar – sit at the bar and have the chef decide for you (omakase)
3. Wine bar or tapas bar – chat over wine and tapas in a sexy atmosphere.
4. Speakeasy – sexy cocktail bar with a hidden door or a secret password (Yelp can help you find these places)
5. Driving – put on some music, drive somewhere cool and not too far away, with a nice view. In LA I used to drive up to the cliffs in Palos Verdes, up the PCH to Malibu, or through the Hollywood Hills to check out the views and the mansions.
6. Strip club or sex shop– it takes an adventurous and confident girl – bring it up in conversation, you’d be surprised how many girls are totally down for this.
7. Urban exploration. Find a cool, unique landmark somewhere in your city. For example, in LA there is an old, abandoned zoo in Griffith park that takes a bit of research to find where it is… it’s really creepy and interesting and covered in graffiti. In Austin, there are a series of walls built into a hillside with amazing graffiti art that is constantly changing. These are amazing places to explore with an adventurous girl.

Enjoy your date, brotha!

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