How To Build Chemistry WITHOUT Saying A Single Word

Have you ever been on a date with someone where you just sensed a spark that made it super-easy to talk to her?

Everything flowed perfectly. Your conversation never ended. And it seemed like you knew her for years…

If you have experienced such chemistry, it probably turned into at least a friendship. And maybe it even turned into a hookup or a relationship.

Such instant, natural chemistry can be hard to find. Which is when some people find it, they attribute it to “destiny.”

Well you can wait around your entire life hoping for such a connection to appear. Or you can start doing things to make it appear, such as this:

Mimic her moves.

Some may say this is trying to force chemistry. But all you’re really doing is trying to show her you’re on the same wavelength. This will make her subtly believe that she’s meant to be with you…

This low-key method of seduction is called “mirroring.” It’s where you copy her moves and “flow”…

For instance, picking up your drink when she picks up hers. Leaning the way she leans. Smiling when she smiles. Laughing when she laughs. Speaking in the same tone and volume. And so on….

Don’t make it obvious that you’re mirroring her. Do it as naturally as possible so you don’t seem like you’re trying too hard…

As you continue to mirror her, she should pick up on your signals. And if things go well, you should be taking her home after you pick up the check.

Mirroring is one great way to build chemistry. But as good as your nonverbal signaling is, you’ll still have to speak if you hope to hit a home run.

What should you say to seduce her subtly?

That’s a question many men have no idea how to answer.

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