Fast & Cocky Flirting Tips Women Get Wet For! Part III.

Tactic #3: Employ her/fire her

When she mentions something that she’s good at, or an area where she has experience, tell her you’re “hiring” her to help you with it. This frames you as the more powerful one in the conversation, and gives you a reason to “fire” her at any time (in a playful way).

You say something like:

“Wow Jennifer, you seem like a smart girl who really knows what’s up. I just decided, I’m hiring you as my personal assistant.”


“Wow, it seems like you know all the nightclubs and cool spots in this town. I’m hiring you. From now on you’re my personal party planner whenever I have friends come to town.”

You get the idea. You can “hire” her to do anything.

You can make her your personal party DJ, fashion stylist, gym trainer, etc…

One time I had a cute girl with PERFECT breasts tell me that she was a writer…

So I told her, “Okay, you’re hired. You’re going to be my personal biographer from now on. You’ll write the book about my life that will inspire future generations of men. So you’ll need to tag along with me, and we’re going to go on some adventures together…”

That girl and I dated for the next two months and it was some of the best sex of my life. The “book project” was never mentioned again. That line just WORKED to get her home with me, and I was showing the kind of “cocky confidence” that girls love, the way a fat kid loves cake… The fun part of this tactic is, when she says something that you disagree with, you can “fire” her: “Oh my God, I can’t believe you just like that movie. That’s it — you’re fired. Tell the girl over there in the red dress she can submit her resume.”

It’s all in good fun, but you’re sending the message that you’re the one in control and calling the shots. As long as BEFORE the teasing you spent some time getting her to feel comfortable with you, and interested, these types of lines will create sexual tension and make her want to PROVE herself. If you want to learn a quick 5-minute system for making any girl feel like she has “sexual chemistry” with you, look at this

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