How To Warm Up A Cold Woman

I was talking to a good friend of mine recently, and we were talking about starting conversations with women wherever you happen to be…

We were talking about that moment when you first start using Cocky Comedy with a woman who’s acting all “cold” toward you, and she suddenly says “You’re kind of full of yourself… what makes you think you’re all that?” as if she’s put off by your attitude. And my friend says:

“Yeah, You Totally OWN A Woman At That Point.”

Now, what did he mean? How is it possible that if you’ve apparently acted too cocky… and turned a “cold” woman off… that you could own her?

Well, it’s true.

Sometimes you’ll meet a girl… she’ll be acting all “cold” like this and you’ll bust her balls and tease her so much that she starts to get agitated… and all of a sudden she snaps into a mode of: “I don’t know what it is that makes you think you’re god’s gift… but I need to make out with you to find out!”

Now, “warming up” a woman like this is more advanced stuff. You need to have a good feel for chemistry and sexual tension before you really try these types of moves with women you don’t know. But there’s a very interesting lesson here…

A Woman Doesn’t Have To LIKE You To Feel ATTRACTION For You
The attraction happens on its own… regardless of other things happening at the same time.

It’s a proven FACT: certain traits and communication techniques TRIGGER ATTRACTION… and if you know what they are (and how to amplify them)… then you can create results that will literally seem like magic to others watching.

Where to meet women?

Try an art history class.
Go to a classy food fair or restaurant opening.
Hit a yoga class or a kickboxing aerobics class.
Dance classes are also a big winner.
In other words, there are some great places you can go to meet women… and have fun… and become a more interesting, classy guy. Who’d-a-thunk-it?

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