Forget your failures and focus on THIS…

2 Ways to Positively Deal with Rejection (When You Are Learning Game)…

I had a very weird weekend…

I just wasn’t really feeling going out but somehow ended up doing it anyway.

Some nights you get “rewarded” for this.

This weekend was NOT one of those times, and it got me thinking.

Ironically enough about how to think to keep yourself SANE as you are getting better with women.

As I went through my journey in through the community, I accidentally went down a lot of WRONG roads in terms of the way I thought.

So I’ll be trying to help you guys avoid these pitfalls that a lot of guys fall into.

Today I want to talk about something I realized this weekend; the importance of having “a short memory.”

One thing I constantly drill into myself is the idea that past results are no indicator of future success.

As a result you want to spend as LITTLE time as possible thinking about your past failures.

Especially when you’re out in the “field”. When you’re out meeting women, it’s really important that you maintain your state at all costs.

So when an approach goes badly you need to be able to forget it as soon as it happens.

Here’s a few ways that my friends and I will deal with rejections.

1. Laugh about them and BLOW them out of proportion with your friends.

Instead of saying the girls were uninterested and never hooked, I’ll say they were “Fembot lesbians of death.”

2. Blaming the girls.

I got this one from one of my natural roommates in college. Anytime a girl would reject him, he would just say she was a bitch. And that would be it.

So now when I get blown out, I’ll often think to myself, “Wow a lot of lesbians out tonight.”, or “Man all these girls are weird.” You don’t actually say it to the girls, but to yourself or your friends as a joke.

Then immediately forget the approach and go do another one. The field is not a place to analyze yourself. It’s a place to take action.

The flip side of this is that you do want to dwell on your successes. When you have an “on” night or get a great reaction you want to remember that and use it as motivation to do future approaches.

I personally like to think about other successes I’ve done right before I go into an approach.

You also want to make sure that you take responsibility for your success and don’t downplay them, by saying it wasn’t you the girl was just looking to get laid etc…

If you can keep yourself from dwelling on the bad approaches in the past and VISUALIZING failure you’ll be halfway home. If you can find confidence from your successes you’ll be all the way there.

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