Masterful-Lover man-whores (by David Shade)

I should do an article full of all the quotes from women who have written in asking where they can meet a Masterful-Lover.

There is so much longing and hope in women when they see that there are real Masterful-Lovers out there.

If you knew how much, you would have every single one of my products and study them religiously.

And you would KNOW that as a trained Masterful-Lover, you are one of the most valuable commodities out there.

Let me share with you the latest desperate plea that a woman sent me and then I’ll address a couple of her points.

This is from Ananya:


“You are so on target about what women want in a man.

Please don’t write-off women with low self-esteem. Girls are not born with low self-esteem.

They are created by media hyper beauty standards, disappointment, rejection & betrayal from un-masterful lovers and inexperience due to societal double-standards.

Your program is for ANY MAN. Why can’t any woman have a Masterful-Lover? Don’t we all deserve it?

Also, would you consider a Masterful-Lover dating site? We want to shop for a few good men as well.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help make the pursuit of happiness a bit easier & certainly more fun!”


Comments for Ananya:

Yes, you are undoubtedly correct about the media contorting women’s body image issues and messing with women’s self-esteem.

Although it’s equally valid that society and media brainwashing teaches men to be Nice Guys and lose the respect of their wives and girlfriends.

So what do we as men do?

We fix it! We get the correct knowledge and beliefs (That’s where yours truly comes in), and then we take action on it.

We create ourselves anew.

My work has always been predicated on getting the man’s act together – It’s up to us to lead, and make things happen.

And for the woman to feel the amazing feelings she wants to feel, she must FOLLOW that lead.

A woman like Ananya simply needs a guy like YOU.

…So what can we do for women like her who get it, and love our work, but can’t find a masterful-lover of their own?

Maybe we could have a Masterful-Lover registry. Like a website with pictures and profiles and the women could apply to be paired with ones they like…

…Kind of like an escort service.

Every guy on the registry would be certified!

…Which would make you guys man-whores!

Get to work on yourself! Become the man you could be.

Be The Fucking Man!
Bring Out Her Inner Slut!

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