The quality of your beliefs

An interesting question from a guy today:


“I have no problem meeting women but always have problems with the nicer looking ones I cannot seem to have good relationships with the 7.s and up The 4. And 5’s call me all the time. I need to have a good sexual time with a woman who is in a single digit dress size.”


So, what’s this guy’s problem?

His problem is improper beliefs.

Low self-esteem actually comes from negative, disempowering beliefs about yourself as well as about women.

He states that his problem is that he can’t attract hot women, 7’s and up (his words).

My thought on this?

There should be no difference in his mind between a woman who isn’t very attractive and one who is.

Frankly, all of them want master lovers, and any of them would be lucky to have one.

Look, as men, we are visual creatures. We see a woman looking hot, and that’s about all it takes to get us stimulated.

And unfortunately, we become our own worst enemy and put these women on pedestals thinking them somehow superior to ourselves or to other women.

And that’s what’s going on subconsciously with this guy. A woman’s attractiveness should not have a bearing on his ability to attract her (or keep his composure when he’s around her).

He probably pedestalized beautiful women all of his life and goes into an automatic panic attack whenever he’s around one.

…Like so many of us are conditioned to do!

He should really have more of an attitude of “you’d be lucky to get my sexual attention” when he’s dealing with his 7’s and up.

That is a far more empowering way to look at this.

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