The Easiest “Shortcut” To Getting Her in Bed!

There is the Law of Psychology called “Effort Justification.”

It says: whenever you put effort into something, you automatically want it more.

This applies to dating, money, success… anything.

So you can sit back and relax while she automatically becomes more and more attracted to you…

All the way to the point where she’d be dragging your lazy ass straight into her bedroom!

Check out this video here where he explains how to do it:

For example…

Have you ever known a girl who’s boyfriend treated her like crap, but she still wouldn’t leave him?

The more effort she puts into that guy, the more she feels she HAS to stay with him… even if he’s a total douchebag!

And she will justify it to herself by saying “it’s meant to be,” or believing she can “fix” the guy.

That’s the law of “Effort Justification” at work.

Here’s what this means for you.

If you want a woman to sleep with you… date you… and maybe even fall head over heels in love with you…

You have to make her put in EFFORT to win you over.

Chasing her by texting her all the time… buying drinks and dinners…
showering her with compliments… will only make her keep running away from you

If you are putting in all this WORK to try and “demonstrate your value” to women then
you need to rethink your behavior.

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