What women love to do!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this. But the next time you see a bunch of women in a group, you’ll probably notice that they all love one thing:


Now you may hate talking. In fact, you may be the silent type. If this is true, here’s a tip:


Because if you don’t talk, women will NOT open their legs for you.

What’s the most common type of talk between a man and woman?

SMALL talk.

Small talk is when a conversation arises instantly. And it’s a must when talking to women on the street, on a date, or anywhere for the rest of your life.

Here are 5 reasons why small talk is essential:

1. It breaks the ice – You can use it to approach anyone and introduce yourself without seeming awkward.

2. It breaks down her defenses – You can use it to slowly show you’re not a threat and a “normal” guy.

3. It takes charge – When you initiate small talk with a stranger, it shows you can take initiative as a man and are confident.

4. It shows you can think on your feet – You don’t need a set-up conversation to speak to her. You can make one arise out of the ashes.

5. It shows you’re not boring – A bored woman will walk away. And a guy who cannot talk will bore her to death.

I could give you even more reasons why small talk is essential when seducing women. But that won’t teach you HOW to make small talk…

This eBook, on the other hand, WILL. And it’ll teach you how to make small talk SEXY so she’ll want to be more than “just friends”…

Small Talk Tactics: Making Small Talk Sexy

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