The 5 Secrets of State (feeling your MOJO)!

How to Control Your “State of Mind” Around Women…
No, this isn’t an email about the CIA…

Today I’m going to talk to you briefly about one of the most important factors in determining your success with women on ANY particular night.

I’m talking about your “state of mind.”

State as it’s often called refers to your overall feeling of happiness.

Are you in a fun, positive, indifferent, social mood?

Or are you in a judgmental, timid, shy, mood?

If you’ve ever had a really “on” night, you were “in state.”

State is characterized by the following:

Indifference to others opinions. Increased social freedom. Loss of Time Sense. Relaxed Body Language and more…

Sounds pretty good right?

So how can we maintain develop and maintain a positive emotional state?

1. Get daily exercise.

Nothing helps your state more than getting daily exercise.

The release of endorphins alone can BOOST your state as well as lower your blood pressure and anxiety. You don’t have to hit the weights like a Guido getting ready for Winter Music Festival but 15-30 minutes of moderate exercise daily is a must.

2. Warm up socially.

When it comes to state, you don’t need to go from shy and down to Mr Outgoing right away.

Instead you want to merely get over the “indifference threshold.” You simply want to not care what people’s reactions to you are. I like to warm up by complimenting three different people. I like to compliment guys and girls and then just walk away.

3. Attract social feedback.

This is what I like to call priming the PUMP.

In game you are going to become the focal point of SOCIAL FEEDBACK. By that I mean we will have people reacting to us socially.

Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively but you will be exposed to social feedback. So you want to get exposed as early as possible.

I like to sing or dance around or make up elaborate games to play with friends. As long as people are looking at you it’s a good thing. You just may not want to do this in the venue you’ll be approaching in 🙂

4. Always look your best.

This one is a no brainer, but guys really screw up here. Make sure that every time you leave the house you are ready to approach. You don’t want to give yourself an extra excuse like “I don’t have gel in my hair.” Or “I’m wearing shorts.”

5. Surrender to the moment.

Don’t try to force yourself in state ever. That’s a huge mistake. Whenever you’re feeling shy, or uncomfortable ACCEPT those feelings.

Always remember that feelings are fleeting and just because you feel down at 10:01 doesn’t mean you’ll still be there at 10:10.

We’ll talk more about getting into state in future but try out these 3 tactics tonight and let me know how they worked for you.

P.S. One of the easiest ways you can have a permanently high level of state is by not putting so much pressure on yourself.

Understanding how female sexuality works, and building confidence in your ability to seduce them is the single best way to turn that pressure off.

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