5 Dating Excuses You Can NEVER Use Again

While helping to coach men in the seduction field, I’ve come across TONS of excuses as to why they can’t get laid. Things like:

“I’m so short, you can see my feet on my driver’s license.”
“I’m so broke, burglars break into my house and leave me money.”
“I’m so fat, I sat on an iPhone and turned it into an iPad.”
“I’m so old, my memory is in black and white.”
“My dong is so small, it looks like it belongs on an action figure.”

Well you could suffer from ALL of those things. But once you use these seduction techniques, you’ll NEVER use those excuses again.


Because it’s going to teach you the language of LUST.

In other words, you’ll learn how to TALK your way into woman’s pants. Even if she initially sees you as physically, financially, or sexually repulsive…

Start talking your way in between women’s legs today!

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