Women can smell “needy” (by David Shade)

Whenever a Nice Guy writes to me about his tales of woe, it always comes down to some way that he’s acting like a needy bitch and turning her off.

And that’s because he has crappy self-esteem and disempowering beliefs about women and sexuality.

Fixing this is the first thing a man must do when beginning his journey.

Let me share with you part of a letter from Tom, and then I’ll tell you exactly what’s hanging him up:


“I do everything to be around girls all the time. I’m still not getting dates and getting sex. Not only do I have problems meeting girls, but also, I have problems getting friends and a social circle.

I don’t feel good around groups of people. I find them boring. I’d rather be alone or with one or two other friends. I wasn’t socialized properly as a child.

It’s my 30th birthday in a couple of days, and I’m worried if I don’t get laid soon, nothing will happen, and I’ll lose my motivation and faith.”


Tom has a scorching case of Nice Guy. He does everything he can to be around women all the time and isn’t escalating or creating attraction.

I only gave you guys a part of the letter, but the whole thing is about how he’ll never get laid, and he’s losing hope.

It’s a very sad attitude, and that’s what’s killing him.

Look, women can smell you’re needy and don’t have it together.

It’s like invisible chick repellant.

I learned very early on that in order to have incredible sex and incredible relationships with women; you have to BELIEVE YOU DESERVE IT.

If you don’t believe it, it’s never going to happen. With crappy beliefs, you will find ways to SABOTAGE a good thing if it comes your way.

…And how you do anything is how you do everything. If Tom takes an inventory of himself and improves his self-esteem and gets the proper beliefs about women and sexuality, a funny thing will happen…

EVERYTHING will improve – relationships, connection with women, and responsiveness in the bedroom.

In Tom’s case, I got him started on Cure Nice Guy

That is the most fundamental product as it takes a man through the process of correcting his beliefs and turning his self-esteem around, to take charge and start to be the man.

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