The power-combo of meeting girls and “tiny habits”

Can you actually reach your goal of meeting The One in less than 2 minutes?

No… but you CAN make a good habit that will help you do it.

Habits are the glue that keeps your life together. So give it a read. It will help you take your skills to the next level… and even help you create habits in any area of your life… and do it in less than 2 minutes.

It’s a method called “Tiny Habits” that I learned from James Clear.

Tiny habits are essentially small moves that can add up to major progress over time.

It reminds me of the movie Contact, when Jodie Foster’s dad was teaching her how to use an old ham radio. “Small moves, Ellie. Small moves”.

Exponential progress is really interesting stuff. Maybe you’ve heard the old analogy, “If you only got a penny a day and doubled it every day, in a month you’d be a millionaire.”

It’s so much easier to think, “I’m going to only focus on my goals for a few minutes a day,” and then try to stop after once you get some momentum, than taking on your goals one large chunk.

Here’s the approach: set your phone timer for 2 minutes. That’s all. Then laser-focus for those 2 minutes on whatever it is you’re doing.

This works particularly well when you’re trying to meet a woman or a man of your liking. Because it automatically removes all the pressure and expectations. 2 Minutes is all it takes.

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Better yet.

Tiny Habits don’t just work for meeting women and men — they work for just about anything.

After that, I want you to pick one specific goal you have and only work on it for only two minutes.

You’ll probably want to keep going, but don’t Stop at 2 minutes. Do that every day for a week. Then watch what happens. You’ll see a powerful habit form, and you’ll want to work at it longer.

Let me know how this works for you.

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