“Ew… what are you, desperate to get laid or something?”

That’s what a girl said to one of my friends.

He was almost in tears when he told me the story…

Here’s what happened…

He was chasing this girl for months, and finally got her out on a date.

She was fresh off a breakup with some jerk who treated her like crap…

So he took her out for drinks, bought her dinner, told her she looked beautiful…

Then he finally confessed his feelings and told her she was an amazing woman…

He told her that she deserved more than a guy who made her cry. Who didn’t appreciate what a “catch” she really was…

She deserved to be with an honest guy who could see her true beauty and take care of her like a princess…

And that’s when she rolled her eyes and asked if he was “desperate to get laid.”

Needless to say, they never had a second date.

The worst part was that he never saw it coming.

He thought he had done everything right… that there was no way she wouldn’t say yes to him.

Can you catch the KILLER mistake he made?

It’s simple. He gave away all his power.

Maybe this has happened to you, too.

Maybe you’ve been called “desperate” before…

Maybe you’ve been the “nice guy” who got the “let’s just be friends speech” from a girl.

Maybe you had a girl act interested in you… only to flake on you and ignore you later.

If any of that has happened to you, then you’re probably giving women WAY too much power.

For example…

When you buy her gifts, pay for everything and do ALL the work… you are giving your power away.

When you confess your feelings and tell her how much you like her… you are giving your power away.

When you compliment a girl over and over again… you are giving your power away.

When you smile and nod and agree with everything she says… you are giving your power away.

You are handing her your BALLS on a silver platter…

And that’s why you lost control, and why she moved on to another guy.

Look at it like a game of poker.

In poker, you would never just throw your cards down on the table and show everyone what you’ve got, right?

That’s a surefire way to lose the game.

Well, it’s the same with women.

The moment you put your cards on the table and let her know exactly what you’re thinking and feeling…

You’ve lost your power, and you’ve lost the game.

That’s why it’s always better to have your “poker face” on and keep her guessing.

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