Say this ONE sentence to her today! (you’re welcome)

Be honest.

Do you ever struggle with knowing exactly what to say to attract women?

Or create sexual TENSION so powerful that she’s practically the one making the moves on you?

Next time you’re in meet a girl for the first time, try this:

Step 1 – When you shake her hand for the first time, hold the handshake for 3 seconds longer than you normally would…

Step 2 – When holding the handshake, slightly squint your eyes while holding strong eye contact, and a sly smile on your face (almost like you know a funny secret about her, and don’t want to tell her)… This is called a “seductive gaze”

Step 3 – When she tells you her name, while still holding the seductive gaze on your face, say the following:

“Nice to meet you (insert HER name). I’m (insert YOUR name). And if you forget my name 5 minutes from now, I’ll be very…*pause for dramatic effect*… disappointed in you.”

INSTANT Attraction.

The 3 steps above are PROVEN to spark powerful sexual tension, and chemically attract women when you first meet them.

There was nothing “creepy” or “gamey” about it… In fact, everything seemed completely natural.

And truth is…

If you want to attract a girl, and KEEP her attracted, you MUST know how to create tension like this – on command.

Tension is the KEY to attracting women…

Because TENSION is the building block to making her attracted to you!

And when you know how to do this anytime, in any situation… You’ll be able to chemically attract women, and KEEP her attracted for as long as you want!

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