5 Ways To Approach Women With Confidence

Here are 5 ways to approach a woman with confidence, in specific situations you see all the time:

1) At a bar or party

What to say first: I can tell just by looking at you that you’re gonna be trouble…

What to say next: Seriously though, you’re too cute. How dare you! You’re ruining my guy’s night out.

Mistakes to avoid: Not coming in with enough energy, not speaking loud enough to be heard, taking rejection personally.

2) At a coffee shop

What to say first: Ok listen, I’m sitting here trying to get my work done and you keep distracting me… would you please stop being so cute.

What to say next: How’s that book by the way, any good?

Mistakes to avoid: acting too stiff and boring, being too quiet because you’re worried about other people listening.

3. At the gym

What to say first: Hey, I see you here almost every day, I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m ___.

What to say next: By the way, you look great today… have you been, like… working out or something? 😉

Mistakes to avoid: interrupting her workout, taking up too much time so she cuts you off to get back to her workout, never making a move to get her number and text her later.

4. At the grocery store

What to say first: Hey, do you know how to cook this?

What to say next: Wow you have a lot of great stuff in your cart, all I have is ramen and hot sauce… you gonna invite me over for dinner or what? Haha, I’m ___ by the way.

Mistakes to avoid: Running out of things to say, not asking for her number, not talking long enough for her to feel comfortable.

5) When she’s looking at you…

What to say first: So… I noticed you checking me out and I was worried that if I didn’t come over here, you might follow me home later. Hi, I’m ___.

What to say next: So what do you do for fun in this crazy city? When you’re not daydreaming about me of course…

Mistakes to avoid: feeling shitty and giving up if you get a negative reaction… forgetting to feel awesome that you had the balls to approach when no other guy would have.

Nervous about approaching her?

You just gotta grab yourself by the balls and say “fvck it,” man. Embrace the fear and do it anyways.

And don’t worry… “approach anxiety” isn’t even your fault.

It’s a “fight or flight” response that’s been programmed into your body for thousands of years.

But you’re not gonna let it control you, of course. You and I both know… fear is no big deal. You’re a freakin BADASS.

You laugh at fear. You embrace it. And then you go for it anyways.

And while every other guy ends up going home alone, torturing himself with a million “what ifs?”…

You remember your training and you walk up to that girl like a boss.

Knowing in your bones that she’s been waiting for a guy like you all night.

Just remember – you will always regret the shots you DON’T take… but never the ones you do.

Make it happen, partner.