Jenny likes it rough! (by David Shade)

Sometimes women really want you to get the cues when it time to be dominant and rough. It’s exciting for them.

So pay attention to the cues. Like Jenny’s man does.

Here is Jenny:


Hi David,

I don’t mind aggression when making love. Sometimes it really turns me on.

My man is an amazing lover. It’s in the way he takes control of my body. He pulls and moves my body aggressively in different positions. It shows that he wants to give me sex that I enjoy. He would massage my vagina with his fingers very intensely.

It’s wonderful, even better than when he uses his penis.

I love it.

At the moment I can’t seem to get enough. I just seem to want to do it all the time. I don’t want to stop wanting it either.


My thoughts:

This is why you must lead her. She wants you to take control.

Women are sexually submissive. At least a high enough percentage of women to be considered just about every woman there is.

Women are not sexually dominant. They can, at times, assume the sexually dominant role, but it is only a role. They are, by nature, sexually submissive.

Social conditioning supports this. It states that it is feminine and proper to be sexually submissive and that it is unacceptable to be sexually dominant. Therefore, she cannot take the initiative.

Because she is sexually submissive, she wants her man to take the lead and be sexually dominant. Only then can she fully enjoy her sexuality.

But her man won’t take the lead!

Social programming states that women should be treated with respect. And they absolutely should. But men have interpreted social programming to mean that men should not be sexually dominant.

Jenny is a very lucky woman to have a man comfortable enough in who he is to be able to be dominant and exciting for her.

This is precisely the kind of man YOU want to be.

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