If it’s a relationship you want… do NOT push her hard to have sex!

If you want a relationship with a woman, do NOT push her hard to have sex. If you push hard for sex, she will think you are only in it for that, and it will reduce any respect she has for you.

And it makes you just like all the other guys. Be different.

A central part of your allure is that you are different.

Remember the “one-night stand clause.” If a woman sleeps with a man on the first night, usually, she never sees him again, especially if he pushes hard for sex.

For some women, if she has a one night stand, no matter how good the guy was in bed, she feels cheap and has remorse.

She then has to pretend that it didn’t happen by denying it to herself. But that is not possible, so she just denies him. And she believes that he sees her as being cheap.

For other women, whether she specifically set out for a one night fling or not, if she meets a man, she finds attractive, and he pushes hard for the first night close, she just may take him up on it, for the fling of it. She knows that she throws aside any hope of a relationship with him.

In other words, she makes the conscious decision to reduce her respect for him. He is not good enough for a relationship, he is only good enough for a one night stand.

There are exceptions, but as a general rule, if you want to see her again, stay out of the one-night stand category.

Ok, so things you SHOULD do in order to set the stage for a relationship, as opposed to a one night stand.

Don’t be pushy or needy. Listen. Convey that you are interested. And above all else, demonstrate a STRONG LEAD as you set a powerful foundation for a wildly sexual relationship.

And you must be deliberately doing this as you go.

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