Allow fear to flow through

No matter how good you are at attracting what you want…

You may experience “down time” or periods in your life, when no matter how much you work on allowing great things into your life, you lose your forward momentum.

It happens.

Even the most successful people experience reversals of fortune…

But no matter what, they always seem to end up on their feet.

How is this?

What makes these people different from you?


They allow fear to flow through them in the face of change,

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And look for new opportunities or creative solutions to emerge.

Then, they take a leap of faith,

Even if it requires giving up old ways of doing things.

Here are some things to keep in mind which will help you through any rough patch:

Don’t freak out!

What goes up must come down, and vice versa.

During the down times, play it conservative in terms of managing your social life, for instance.

Meanwhile, don’t be afraid of new opportunities that could lead you down a different path.

Keep in mind that there just might be a pot of gold at the end of the new path…

IF you take some calculated risks to get there.

Allow the fear (of change) to flow through you,

And keep moving forward.

Many of you guys tend to get paralyzed in the face of change and a downturn in your fortunes.

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If you experience fear,

Feel it flow through and out of your body,

Then move yourself down the path that you’re being pointed.

With time and patience, you are likely to find your life even better than before.

Keep visualizing the positive and resist the urge to allow the negative in.

When confronted with change, resist the urge to visualize the worst-case scenario.

This will allow you the room to come up with creative solutions to your situation.

Give up the past.

Sure, it’s painful to let go of what we know to be an absolute truth in light of an uncertain future,

But it’s all a natural part of life.

The sooner you give it up, the sooner you’ll have nothing to lose.

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