A covert method for amplifying female desire

Fractionation is a covert hypnotic method for amplifying a woman’s desire.

Would you like a taste of how it works and how things play out?

OK, let’s say you’re on a date and you’ve been escalating and talking dirty. The discussion has been getting increasing sexual and exciting.

You will get her to the point, say by the time you’re dancing in a crowded nightclub together, that she is totally engrossed in how she is excited for you. Probably to the point that she’s not distracted by all the noise and commotion around you.

This is actually a form of hypnotic trance.

Now you cannot get away with this for very long. Eventually, something will interrupt you two, such as someone bumping into her, which will pop her out of trance.

You want to be the one who ends the sexual discussion and brings her out of trance. You are the one who is leading, and you always take the environment into consideration in your work.

Now you fractionate by changing the subject.

Fractionation is a hypnosis term meaning that when you have her in trance, you occasionally take her out such that when you put her back in trance, she will tend to go in even deeper and more quickly.

Change the subject by turning slightly towards the bar and saying, “Baby, I love when we are together. How are we doing on drinks here? How is your drink?” This rewards her for following your lead and then does the fractionation.

She will notice that she has been talking very sexual with you inside the crowded nightclub. She will compose herself and maybe take a deep breath.

At this point, she may slap your chest and say with a big smile, “You’re bad!” Simply slightly smile back and return your thoughts to your drinks.

Just slightly smile and say something like, “Yeah but you love it.”

If she insists by continuing with, “You’re a bad boy, you know that, right?” Look her directly in the eyes and say, “Baby, you make me so excited for you that I am taken away by my desire for you.” This is one of the few things that you put the responsibility on her for. You blame her for making you so desirous of her.

This is a good thing. Women love it when their man is turned on by her. Women love it when their man desires her so badly.

This is not the time to leave to go home. No, certainly not. You are in no hurry. She is only getting warmed up. She still wants to enjoy the experience being with you at the club, and she still wants more mental foreplay.

And every time you fractionate and come back, she’s at a higher level of arousal.

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