When you can get out of the friend-zone… And when you CAN’T. Part I.

Initially most guys get into pick-up to “get that one special girl”.

You know, the ONE…

The girl who will make your life “completely perfect” if only you could make her yours?

Sometimes she’s a friend, sometimes she’s a classmate, sometimes she’s just a girl you see at your gym…

The problem is, that once you get fixated on that one special girl, your chances of getting her PLUMMET.

That’s why the BEST response to something like this is the pithy and quotable

“To get the one special girl, you must learn to get all the girls.”

But in addition to that I want to make the case that having female friends is a very good thing. They can introduce you to friends of theirs, provide “social proof”, get you into clubs easier and more…

Chances are if you’re in the FRIEND ZONE, you’re not going to get out on your first foray into learning social dynamics.

=>There’s a specifically designed method to EASILY escaping the friend-zone. And guess what? It works.

My advice is to keep this girl as a friend and use her to help you meet new girls.

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