3 Things You Must Do If You Get Rejected

You’re sitting at the bar when you see her looking at you.
She’s smoking hot and totally your type…

… and she’s smiling and making eye contact over her pink girly drink.

You’re thinking about going over there and talking to her…

And that’s when the voices start.

What if I screw this up?

What if I run out of things to say and look like a dumbass?

What if she’s ice cold and humiliates me in front of everyone?

What if everyone sees me get rejected and I get laughed out of the room?

Look, man.

Let me ask you a serious question…

What action do you take in that moment?

Do you go for it, or do you back down?

Do you plow through your mental barriers and emerge victorious and confident on the other side?

Or do you let your fear of rejection keep your ass glued to that stool at the bar…

… and quickly order another drink so you can pretend like you didn’t just wuss out?

Look, if you fall in that second category, I totally get it, I really do.

But you don’t plan on staying that way, right?

Of course not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

Well, the cold, hard truth is…

When you make the bold decision to step off that comfortable bar stool and approach the women you really want…

Yes, you will get rejected from time to time.

But that’s okay!

You just need to know how to handle it, so it doesn’t ruin your mood and wreck your chances with every other girl.

So let me give you some rock-solid advice that I wish I would have known when I was in your shoes.

Here are 3 things you must do if you get rejected:

1). Take the high road. Even if she’s being a huge diva…

Don’t react to her. Be BETTER than that.

She doesn’t even know you – she’s just emotionally reacting.

It may not even have anything to do with you – you can’t know or control that.

A confident guy would never allow himself to get flustered or thrown off by things he can’t control.

2). Smile. Even if you’re seething mad on the inside…

Because no one else knows that you just got rejected…

UNLESS you show it on your face.

Then it’s obvious, and every other girl who sees that will probably reject you too.

3). Move on immediately. Find another girl, a friend, a bartender… literally anyone else to talk to.

The last thing you want is to stand around by yourself, feeling butt-hurt because some random girl who knew you for 1 minute didn’t like you…

It does nothing for your confidence, and it makes you less attractive to every other girl.

So make like Taylor Swift and shake, shake, shake it off, bro.

Make sense?

You can totally see yourself doing that, can’t you?

Of course you can.

And now nothing can stop you.

Get out there and make it happen this week.

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