How to develop an “Attractive Voice”

Today we’re talking about Vocal Projection.

Y’know, Pavarotti style.

It has been said many times that your voice is your NUMBER ONE tool to attract women.

But the number one problem guys have is not being loud enough.

We’re going to fix that today.

The power for your voice comes from your breath.

This is the number one thing to remember when it comes to vocal projection. You want to speak on the exhale.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath before doing an approach.

Make sure that you’re speaking from your diaphragm not your throat. Your diaphragmatic muscles are located near where your ribs come together.

If you exhale all the breath out until your body forces you to breathe, your diaphragm will contract.

Here are some other tips:

1) In general, aim your voice one person beyond the person you want to hear you!

2) For night-game, speak as loudly as possible. You have to make it socially awkward for the girl(s) to ignore you.

3) Don’t be afraid to scream if the music is too loud in a bar or club. Your voice is a muscle, it will come back stronger every time you lose it.

4) Speak louder to ignore conversational threads you don’t want to take. (Practice this with anyone.)

5) Lower your vocal projection once you’ve isolated a girl away from her friends. This creates intimacy.

6) For day-time approaches, speak in a normal tone, as if you’re reading the news. This will help the girls not get startled.

7) Remember you can have the best game in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one can hear it.

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