Words No Woman Can Resist

Have you ever made the mistake of trying to impress a woman with material things?

For instance, you may have bought a really expensive shirt for a date. Or you went as far as buying a luxury car you couldn’t afford simply to catch a woman’s attention.

Well instead of making those expensive mistakes that do NOT truly impress women, you should do this:

Speak your mind.

Speaking your mind works at wooing women because:

It’s genuine
It comes off naturally
It will make her feel good

When you speak your mind, you release any built-up fear that’s created with trying to say all the right things to impress her.

This in itself is liberating. And she’ll see it as confidence, which is a trait that makes all women WET.

As for examples of the style in which you can speak your mind:

“I love how your skin tastes.”
“Come closer so I can squeeze you.”
“Walk in front of me so I can watch your hips move.”

Those may seem a tad corny. But they have 3 characteristics that work at turning women on:

They’re unique
They’re daring and a bit brash
They involve sexual innuendo

Don’t try coming up with lines of your own after you close this message. Do so in the moment when you’re with her and get the urge to say something genuine.

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