Love is not enough for women – She will leave him! (by David Shade)

This sad email is from a married woman…

“Hi David,

My husband and I love each other like crazy, but he is the NICE GUY in capital letters.

As far as sex is concerned sometimes I feel as if we were brother and sister and not husband and wife.

I can’t put up with it any longer.

He knows how I feel and wants to do something about it but he is completely at a loss.

I can buy your first book (The Secrets of Female Sexuality) and see how he likes it and copes with it before ordering the rest of your material.

Nothing I’ve come up with until now seems to really help and he feels under pressure, which doesn’t help…”

This woman came to the right place for help that actually works.

But why did the woman write me, and not the man?

Because the man is a scared little wussy with a sensitive ego.

She is leading, not him.

She is desperate. Completely understandable because women are highly sexual creatures. It is in their DNA. They crave the deep mental aspects of sexuality.

She craves it so badly that it will out-rank love.

There is “Love”, and there is “In Love”.

She “Loves” her husband like a best friend, but she is no longer “In Love” with him.

She will leave him.

Unfortunately for her, she will not realize it is happening.

She will find herself talking more and more with a bad-boy in her life.

Then talking emotionally closely. She will convince herself it is harmless.

Then one thing will lead to another and she will become crazy head-over-heels for the bad-boy and having wild screaming orgasms.

And… wait for it… Husband is history!

Don’t believe it?

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