So, seriously, how many men have you been with?

That is a question none of you should ever ask a woman.

If your woman gets the sense that you’re weak and insecure and jealous, it’s going to be lights out for your relationship.

I read an article in The Washington Post a while back titled, “My Boyfriend Was Intimidated By My Sexual History. So I Dumped Him.”

The author (a woman, obviously) got right to the point!

In the article, her boyfriend asked her how many people she had slept with.

…And not just how many people but details about things she had done.

After he badgered her for a while, she told him. He got angry and jealous.

Then when she turned it around and asked him, he “didn’t remember.”

…What a double standard.

After feeling judged and small for a few months, she dumped the idiot.

The author made it clear that, with his insecurity, he couldn’t provide her with the level of security and trust that she craved.

Only a strong man, who is secure in himself can provide her with that.

Words to the wise:

1. Never ask your woman how many people she has slept with.

It doesn’t matter.

She’s with you now and wants to continue to be with you.

2. Never tell her how many people you have slept with.

It doesn’t matter.

It is only a losing game to share the number of past lovers.

3. You need to believe that you are the best thing that has ever happened to her.

You must make sure you are the best lover she has ever had.

And this is precisely the way she wants it.

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